AHG Sponsorships


The American Herbalists Guild is deeply grateful for the generous support of our sponsors. Their contributions allow us to continue to fulfill our organizational mission and support the important work of our members as herbalists in their communities. 

Why is sponsorship more important than ever?

As a thought-leader in the herbal world, health education is a cornerstone of the AHG mission. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are carrying out our mission by creating a comprehensive coronavirus resource hub for credible information surrounding public health, herbal medicine, mental health, and more. This page has rapidly become one of our most visited and shared web pages. As we witness a massive increase in false claims about virus prevention and treatment, AHG is committed to taking a proactive role as  a reliable and trustworthy source of herbal information.

Obviously, we had not budgeted for this crucial project, so we are relying on sponsors like you to support our ability to provide accurate information and act as a clearinghouse for herbalists on the front lines of community healthcare. Your sponsorship at any  level makes it possible for us to continue curating this data and sharing it as soon as it becomes available.

Why sponsor now?

While most of us have been convinced that herbal medicine is central to creating good health, we are now seeing the demand for herbal products and services increase dramatically. As access to conventional medicine becomes restricted due to the pandemic, the need for safe, effective herbal products, comprehensive herbal education, and access clinical services will only grow.

Our plans for the virtual symposium include a dynamic, interactive “vendor area” that guarantees that attendees can learn about your business, ask questions and even make purchases from anywhere. We anticipate that your exposure and potential for generating revenue will increase significantly.

Although we are still reworking our benefits package,we hope you will consider joining us as an organizational sponsor today. We will launch registration for the Online Symposium Experience in mid May and want your business to headline our event outreach. A commitment by May 1 will ensure your company maximum visibility, as well as provide us with needed funds to continue our COVID-19 educational programming. Please feel free to email office@americanherbalistsguild.com or give us a call at 617-520-4372 with questions or set up a payment plan.

All of us at AHG thank you so much for your ongoing support in these unprecedented times. We are in this together.

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