Mentorship Program

Click here to purchase the AHG Handbook of Mentoring Guidelines.  The handbook is available as a free download with your AHG membership. If you are a member, simply login and you will find the mentorship handbook in the member menu.

You can learn more about the AHG Mentorship Program by listening to a free live webinar which is available on the AHG Professional Training Webinars archives page.

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About The American Herbalists Guild Mentorship Program

Mentorship, much like a traditional apprenticeship, is one of society’s oldest forms of experiential education. In many cultures, herbal training occurs almost exclusively in a setting where experienced herbalists work closely with others to share their accumulated wisdom. The structure of these relationships varies widely, but all have in common the desire to share information while offering support, guidance and critical feedback.

There is a growing need for clinical training for student practitioners, but because only a handful of clinical herbal training programs are currently available, the AHG encourages mentorship as a way for student practitioners to become confident, skilled clinical herbalists. Often those who have completed extensive training in herbal medicine (which may or may not have included a clinical component) are actively seeking the support and guidance of an experienced clinical herbalist to act as a mentor.

It is our hope that by providing support for the mentoring process, AHG will help build a much-needed bridge between formal training in herbal studies and the creation of a successful clinical practice.

Our primary goal is supporting herbalists and student practitioners who intend to apply for the Registered Herbalist Membership in the American Herbalists Guild. We also offer this information to herb practitioners everywhere who aspire to a high level of professionalism and clinical competency.

The American Herbalists Guild supports the mentoring process in several ways:

The Handbook of Mentoring Guidelines. The core of the AHG Mentoring Program is The Handbook of Mentoring Guidelines.  Designed to give support to both student practitioners (or mentees) working to develop their clinical skills, as well as mentors looking for guidance about how to structure their work with student practitioners, the handbook is a valuable resource for our members.

The AHG Handbook of Mentoring Guidelines provides everything you need to know to look for and set up a mentorship, or to become a mentor for a student practitioner. It includes eighteen forms and templates that may be edited and used to create mentorship agreements, clinical records, and much more. See the complete list of documents below.

The Mentor Directory is a list of Registered AHG Herbalists willing to offer clinical supervision to student practitioners. 

Mentorship Forms and Templates
The forms and templates listed here are included in the purchaseable Handbook and are also available in the Members Menu area as fully editable, downloadable Word documents you may customize for your own use. AHG Members, please login to your account and click HERE or click AHG Mentorship Documents in the Member Menu. 
• AHG Mentorship Checklist
• Case Review Form
• Client Contact Hours Log
• Client Data File Template
• Criteria for Registered AHG Herbalist
• Disclosure/Informed Consent #1
• Disclosure/Informed Consent #2
• Disclosure/Informed Consent #3
• Food Diary
• Health History Intake #1
• Health History Intake #2
• Medications and Supplements
• Mentor Evaluation of Student Practitioner
• Mentorship Contact Hours Log
• Mentorship Contract Template
• Mentorship Final Report
• Mentorship Liability Release
• Student Practitioner Mentorship Application
• Student Practitioner Evaluation of Mentor
• Student Self-Evaluation