Pre-Symposium Intensive

Bridging Energetic Herbalism with Functional Phytotherapy

What does heat have to do with intestinal permeability? How might wind be linked with magnesium insufficiency? On the surface, energetic and functional models may appear complicated to blend. They each point to underlying constitutional factors and imbalances with seemingly different languages. Energetic models help us meet a client's therapeutic needs without advanced laboratory diagnostics and clinical biomarkers; they give insights into lived experience.

Mushroom Medicine: Latest News, Product Controversies, and Uses

Based on a thorough review of the science (including clinical trials) and traditional uses of the most widely researched medicinal mushrooms (especially turkey tail, shiitake, cordyceps, lion's mane, and chaga), and many years of ongoing clinical practice and scientific investigation, Christopher breaks down the current uses of medicinal mushrooms. Learn how to make mushroom extracts and choose the best commercial products. He shares integrative oncology experiences with case reports, suggestions for practical use, and expected outcomes.

The Ten Tastes: The Energetics of Herbs

The world’s great indigenous systems of medicine have two things in common. They utilize energetic systems to help practitioners understand herb properties and their uses. And they provide guidelines for using differential diagnostics to match the herb to an individual’s constitution and presentation. In this easy-to-learn-and-use system, David explains the ten flavors and their application in creating herbal protocols for greater efficacy, safety, and precision.

Long Covid: Differentials, Causal Patterns, and Protocols

The focus of most conversations about Covid-19 revolves almost entirely around variants, infectiousness, hospitalizations, and deaths. Less frequently talked about is Long Covid, a condition characterized by symptoms, many debilitating, affecting multiple body systems. Between 20-30% of unvaccinated people who get Covid-19 will develop Long Covid symptoms, often a month or more after the initial infection.

The Ecological Body

All energetic models of medicine are rooted in nature. We experience these energetics daily through the weather, changing of seasons, and various ecosystems. In this class, Sajah expands our understanding of energetics to include our experience of nature. We'll focus on the core principles of temperature, moisture, and tone, as we correlate patterns in nature to the patterns we see in people and plants to bring energetics to life.

Cannabis: The Most Medicinal Herb

Although cannabis has a long history of medicinal use, it remains controversial. This class will cover cannabis history and why it was removed from the US Pharmacopeia and classified as an illegal substance. You'll learn about current research on cannabis and hemp and how they work synergistically to interact with the endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis, potential health benefits, and risks.

This session is also available as part of the Online Symposium Only option.