Pre-Symposium Intensive

Neurodiversity: What Herbalists Need to Know

Neurodiversity is the natural variation in neurobiology, sensory processing, and consciousness among humans. In this workshop we will examine the implications of the concept of neurodiversity for herbalists and other natural health practitioners. We will examine evolutionary and cultural dimensions of neurodiversity, and develop tools and understandings for working with neurodivergent people – people whose neurobiology differs from what our culture holds to be the norm.

Energetic Assessment for Western Practitioners

Treat people efficiently and effectively with herbs by using an energetic assessment system. Learn to determine the location of an illness, its severity, and its energetics, including how to distinguish between such conditions as heat, cold, wind, damp, phlegm, excess, and deficiency and the predominantly western herbs that treat them.

Mobile Medicine: Herbs on Wheels

The Herbalista Free Clinic provides earth-based care to underserved communities in Atlanta, Georgia through the mobile clinic model. By freeing the clinic from the confines of brick and mortar, we lower our overhead costs and expand treatment capacity. This class will share the nuts ‘n’ bolts of how we keep the wheels turning on our mobile clinics, the Herb Bus and the Herb Cart.

Complementary Interventions for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Living with HIV/AIDS has become a significant experience for many people, especially in the gay community. The impact of anti-retroviral therapies has been literally lifesaving, however, they come with acute and extended use issues which we will explore the consequences of. We will review demographics and current conventional treatments and consider how herbs can increase wellness, quality of life, and lifespan.

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