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Disclaimer: The schools listed below are only offered as reference to potential students wishing to further their knowledge in the art of herbal medicine. However, the schools included in this list DO NOT signify that the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) endorses the content and/or quality of any trainings or programs offered by any of the institutions listed, nor should it be considered to reflect the views or opinions of any representative of the AHG. Read More

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Dominion Herbal College

Dominion Herbal College (DHC) is North America’s oldest school of Herbal Medicine. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1926, it has been the inspiration of many great American and International Herbalists. Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Jethro Kloss and Dr. Earl Mindell are only a few of the renowned graduates who got their start in Herbal Medicine with DHC. DHC provides the best source of herbal studies from the basic to clinical levels, educating students to become competent in the field of Herbal Medicine. DHC is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of British Columbia, Canada.

The Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program is the original introductory level program of Herbal Medicine with thousands of students and graduates around the world. It provides a basic understanding of the human body and use of herbal therapeutics. The program includes Anatomy & Physiology and Materia Medica incorporating approximately 200 western herbs and encompassing botanical description, distribution, cultivation, harvest, constituents, properties, formulae & dosages and contraindications. This 1-year program utilizes a distance learning delivery method in which the program is completed by traditional, self-directed home study.

In 1989, in order to meet the growing demand for advanced herbal studies, the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program was developed to enable individuals with a strong sense of vocation to practice as a Clinical Herbal Therapist. Also introduced at this time was the Clinical Herbal Therapy Diploma Program Specially Structured for Health Care Professionals at the Physician Level. This vocational program in the art and science of Herbal Therapeutics provides a comprehensive system of training on how the body functions in health and illness, how herbs can affect the functioning of the body, how to assess an individual’s relative state of health and how to choose the correct herbs to treat different ailments. This 4-year program utilizes a combined delivery method of distance and onsite learning in which the course work is completed by traditional, self-directed home study together with onsite attendance at a 5-day seminar at the end of each academic year, completion of 510 supervised clinic hours at Dominion Herbal College Approved Clinics during Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 and a Final Practical Clinical Exam at the end of Year 4. Dominion Herbal College approved student training clinics are currently located in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.

Phone: 888-342-1926
Address: #271-5489 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC, V5J 3J1

Pacific Rim College

Pacific Rim College is an award-winning institution specializing in Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living. Located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, the college was founded to provide world-class education, modern research opportunities and premier clinical services in sustainable land stewardship and a variety of medical modalities. Program areas include Permaculture Design, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Doula Training and Integrative Health.

Phone: 250-483-2119
Address: 229-560 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC, V8w3c6

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing began as a brick & mortar herbal college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Terry Willard, Ph.D. in 1975.

Today all Wild Rose College Diploma programs (from Practical Herbalist to Master Herbalist), are available on-line, from anywhere in the world, with in-person apprenticeship placements available to Clinical Herbal Apprenticeship students.

The emphasis of Wild Rose College is on wholism – the integration of the body, mind and spirit, and each course reflects this approach within an up-to-date, interactive, on-line platform. Each lesson is broken down into user-friendly & digestible PDFs, videos and quizzes and can be accessed from any electronic device.

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing is proud to offer some of the most support for personalized education in the industry, including monthly live webinars and bi-monthly herbal intensives in our Wild Rose Village, with school administrators available 5 days a week for course support.

Programs and access to On-line Community here: www.wildrosecollege.com

Phone: 8889537673
Address: Box 789
Cumberland, BC, V0R1S0