AHG Herbalist Mentors

The following list is of AHG Registered Herbalists who have indicated their willingness to provide herbal mentorship. Students are encouraged to contact potential mentors directly. Please refer to the AHG Mentorship Handbook for tips on how to initiate a mentorship.

Katolen Yardley, MNIMH, RH (AHG)

My introduction to herbal medicine began years ago when I discovered my grandmother enjoyed making dandelion wine. It has been a long meandering journey since that time. My educational background has been completed from the School of Phytotherapy (UK), Dominion Herbal College (Canada), Wild Rose College of Natural Healing (Canada) and Iridology training (NIRA). I completed my formal training in 2000 and have been in private practice since that time in Vancouver and Port Moody, BC. Some of my own mentors through my journey in herbal medicine have been the late Christopher Hedley (UK), Chanchal Cabrera (Canada), and Rowan Hamilton (UK).

Since 2012, I am a clinic supervisor at the Dominion Herbal College student clinic -where I am also an instructor in their 4 year Clinical Herbal Therapy Program. I am adjunct faculty at Boucher Naturopathic Institute where I have been teaching herbal medicine making and material medica since 2008. A natural health product formulator and contractor, for many years I ran a busy wellness center in downtown Vancouver with 15 practitioners; thus have had much experience with marketing and business management. For many years I was the dispensary manager at a busy local herb shop, Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary in Vancouver, where I oversaw the compounding and formulations of products, quality control and good manufacturing policies. In the summer I teach herbal medicine classes at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens and UBC Farms - do check out their class listings.

I am the third term president of the Canadian Herbalist's Association of BC (CHA of BC) and the president of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations (CCHA). I have also had experience in scope of practice, ethics and legal issues in Canada. I am familiar with quality control and GMP practices pertaining to formulations.

From 2000-20015, I appeared monthly on Global Televisions Morning News offering herbal medicine information to the public. This news segment was syndicated across Canada. I have written textbooks for the Canadian College of Natural Nutrition (2011) and in 2016 I published my first book: The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016) a medicine making book with recipes, color photographs, and monographs of 49 medicinal plants.

I have been trained in western herbal medicine and the bio medical area of herbalism. My area of specialty include women's health, (fertility, cervical dysplasia, menopause), skin disorders and digestive dis-ease. My prior university training was in Psychology, thus I also have a strong interest in the mind body connection and emotional component to dis-ease. I have created numerous program curriculums for Langara College including a Holistic Approach to ADHD and am currently teaching in the Strategic Resiliency Program for First Responders: A holistic and herbal medicine approach to trauma (PTSD). I teach at various herbal medicine conferences around the west coast each year. Personally, I find relaxation in yoga and running. I love photography, travelling to distant lands and learning from local elders.

My goal as a mentor is to assist you in gaining confidence in your practice. I can tailor our time to what skills you need most. I offer in person and distance mentorship options. Mentoring can be done via phone or skype on a twice per month schedule (with some email follow up). My rate is $ 70 per hour - available in 5 or 10 sessions. Sorry no trades. Mentoring can be combined with in-person student clinic training.

Frequently during the year, I hold a 1 week-in-person student training clinic allowing for students or new practitioners the opportunity to gain skills in a clinic environment, learning among one's peers. Apprenticing is a valuable experiential form of education providing a bridge for students to complete their formal education and prepare for clinical practice. Many students seek the guidance of a mentor in a clinic environment to become confident, skilled practitioners while completing their student clinic training hours to apply for professional membership in with the AHG or CHA of BC.

During this training time you have the ability to observe an experienced practitioner or senior students take case histories and clients, and develop your own skills with case history taking, record keeping and follow up consultations, create health protocols including nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal medicine, essential oils and topical application of herbs. This is an opportunity to hone ones formulation skills, fine tune ones counselling techniques and gain compounding experience. Patients vary depending upon the week and can occur in person or via phone.

Please contact me directly regarding details including pre requisites for mentorship and an application form.