Registered Herbalists

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Tami Bronstein , BSc., MNIMH, Phyt., RH (AHG)

The Medical Herbalist Apothecary at Sundance Wellness, Inc.

Internationally Board-qualified Medical Herbalist-Physiologist via England (UK), Herbal Medicine, Functional Herbal Medicine, Integrative Medicine. Post-Graduate Endobiogenic work via Medical Doctors of Paris, France. Specialty: NeuroEndocrine-Immunology
[brain+body hormone/immune management]
By-phone, wherever you reside or when away from home. In-Clinic.
Biodynamic, Organic, Custom-compounded Herbal Medicines shipped via FedEx.
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Phone: 908.432.2990
Address: 17 Mendham Road, Suite 400
Gladstone, New Jersey, 07934
United States

Kristine Brown , RH (AHG)

Practicing herbalist offering personal consultations, classes, herb walks, and herbal apprenticeships; author/illustrator of Herbal Roots zine

Phone: 618-530-1224
Address: 8801 State Route 162
Troy, Illinois, 62294
United States

Dr. Dr. Catherine Browne, DAOM , DAOM, LAc, RH (AHG)

Medicinal Herb Farm

Author of "Natural Therapies for Overcoming Opioid Dependency", Dr. Catherine Browne has a long history of involvement with natural healing and has over three decades of practical experience working full-time as an herbalist. As a DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) she owns In Harmony Wellness Clinic & works with veterans. She earned her doctorate from Five Branches University in San Jose, CA and originally attended Florida School of Oriental Medicine from 1997-2000, and graduated from Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in 2002. She became licensed in NC (L.Ac.-NC #243) after passing the national board exams (NCCAOM) and becoming a diplomat of acupuncture (Dipl.Ac.).
She is also a registered professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (RH) and has been teaching herbalism on many different levels for over 30 years and serves as an NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) provider of professional continuing education credits to acupuncturists required for their ongoing licensure.
She is highly skilled in both western and Chinese herbalism and has trained extensively in many styles of acupuncture including: Worsley Five Element Acupuncture addressing root psychological and spiritual imbalances; Tung's Acupuncture with ancient lineage teachings for pain syndromes; Japanese-style acupuncture using fewer needles for greater results; traditional Chinese acupuncture taught in most US schools. Dr. Browne is a health advocate assisting patients in their wellness goals. Rather than "fixing" people, or "curing" people, she is able to apply any number of natural healing modalities that allow the body and mind to heal. Her practice in one hour North of Charlotte, NC.
Areas of Advanced Training:
• Pain Management
• Drug Dependency Withdrawal & Recovery
• Oncology Aftercare
• Stroke Recovery
• Woman's Health

Phone: 336-701-3237
Address: 1736 Swan Creek Rd
Hamptonville, North Carolina, 27020
United States

David Bunting

Western Herbalist

Phone: 5418461364

Olivia Burkett , BSc.

Health Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion

Phone: 724-464-8664

Toni Camacho , PhD, HHP

Moongazing Herbal Apothecary

Immune support, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), cholesterol management, blood pressure regulation, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, seasonal allergy relief, women's health (hormone balance, menopause symptom relief, fibroids, etc.), men's health (testosterone increase), detoxification, and digestive tract cleansing and much more!

Phone: 858.564.8880
Address: 8854 Capcano Rd
San Diego, California, 92126
United States

Indigo Cantor , CCH

Rocky Mtn Herbalist

Drug Resistant Infections, Lyme, Auto Immune

Phone: 460-882-4545
Address: 223 Dewey Ave
Eureka, Montana, 59917
United States

Lorianne Carey

Apothecare-Herbal Clinic and Dispensary

Phone: 541-761-9280
Address: P.O. Box 86
Williams, Oregon, 97544
United States

Peggy Carlaw , RH (AHG)

Nature's Pure Health

Phone: 805-801-3882

Juliette Carr , RN, RH (AHG)

Old Ways Herbal

The guiding principle of my sliding-scale practice is that the ability to heal ourselves and our families is our birthright, not a privilege to be hoarded or a commodity to be sold. Each of us is the utmost authority on our bodies. My goal is for the people I counsel to begin to trace the threads connecting all aspects of their lives to their state of wellness, and to develop a proactive understanding of how to maximize their health. My practice specializes in supporting the health of women, children, and babies; I am honored to see clients of all genders when their wellness goals fit into my areas of expertise. These include women's health, throughout the phases of our beautiful and complex lives (fertility, endometriosis, menstrual imbalances, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, trauma, chronic conditions); pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, & breastfeeding; the unique needs of babies and children; and whole body balance for a variety of chronic conditions. Feel free to contact me to ask if I’m experienced with your individual health goals.

Phone: 8024518499