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Our sponsorship opportunities help us, but they also provide substantial benefits to you and your herb-based endeavors. The expanded emphasis on virtual education and on-line shopping means that your customer base is now global. The prominent role the AHG plays as a respected source of herbal information lends itself to being a platform for reaching even more people.

Our sponsorship packages offer you a range of benefits designed to promote your business to herbal practitioners, enthusiasts, potential students, clients, and customers. Act now to take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities and join us to move herbalism into the future. We are in this together!

In the past year, AHG has been an integral part of the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We've provided extensive, curated resources for herb-based COVID responses via our website, sponsored free webinars on botanical protocols relevant to our emerging understanding of the virus, and crafted safe practice guidelines for herbal practitioners. Due to restrictions on travel and social gathering, we quickly restructured our annual symposium to an interactive virtual platform that attracted more than 700 individual attendees and 26 vendors. And we were able to fund our annual community service awards and welcome many new members to the Guild.

We were able to respond to changes thanks to the dedicated efforts of the AHG staff, who suddenly found themselves working from home, the guidance of our Governing Council, and the many active volunteers on AHG committees. And we did all of this while navigating the disruptions in our personal lives set in motion by the pandemic.

We are proud of what we accomplished in the past year, and we know that our work continues. It may be a year or even years before life returns to anything resembling normalcy. And the challenges to health care that the pandemic has created are still unfolding. Our belief that botanical medicine plays a critical role in the future of health care is stronger than ever. The AHG will continue to fulfill our organizational mission to support access to herbal medicine to all, to advocate for excellence in herbal education through our programs and those of our member schools, and to promote clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice.

But to meet the challenges ahead, we need your support. When your business or organization pledges support of the AHG with a year-long sponsorship, you make an important contribution to our ability to provide leadership in these times of significant change.