AHG Registered Herbalist Renewal *

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Members in the Registered Herbalist category have had their credentials evaluated by the Admissions Committee through our rigorous Admissions Review Process. (* NOTE: Please do NOT purchase this level of membership unless you have been accepted by our Professional Membership Committee.)

This level of membership is open to herbalists from all traditions. Applicants for the Registry must complete the AHG application, submit a personal and professional biography, meet the AHG minimum professional requirements of at least four years of training and clinical experience, provide three letters of reference from practitioners in the field of botanical medicine, and three comprehensive case histories. Upon acceptance, professional members may use the designation Registered Herbalist, RH (AHG).

All of our professional members receive:

  • AHG Membership Voting Privileges (individual members)
  • RH (AHG) Credential
  • Certificate of Registered Herbailst membership
  • A digital subscription to the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild
  • A digital subscription to our electronic newsletter
  • Discounts to the Annual Symposium
  • Free Access to the AHG Webinar Series including 6 free webinars a year
  • FREE! Unlimited on-line access to past issues of the JAHG and to a growing library of recorded lectures from AHG conferences and seminars
  • Access to Professional Liability Insurance
  • Promote Your Practice in AHG’s Find an Herbalist National Locator Service
  • A variety of discounts to many herbal suppliers, companies and schools
  • In addition, professional members are eligible to serve on the Governing Council and to serve as corporate officers of the AHG.
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