What's New 2022!


Associate membership is ideal for those who have invested significant time and energy into careers working therapeutically with plants (this broad definition includes the business of growing or procuring herbs, making herbal products, teaching, researching, seeing clients, and more). It is intended to encompass herbalism as an essential life-path and the many different ways that can appear. 

This new membership category acknowledges individuals from a variety of vocations related to the field of herbalism, including those on track to becoming Registered Herbalists. This distinction also includes those dedicated herbalists who are not interested in becoming clinical herbalists.   Learn more about Associate membership!

All live AHG Webinars for Herbalists are free in real-time and open to the public. Recordings will be archived at a later date and are accessible exclusively to AHG members anytime. Click here learn more and to register!  *Please note there will be no webinar in October due to Symposium.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the 33rd Annual AHG Symposium, October 21-24, 2022, will be an in-person event in Bethesda, Maryland! We know that attending in-person gatherings presents challenges as we navigate the continuing pandemic. We are committed to hosting the Symposium in Maryland this fall, and we will be following all safety guidelines mandated by the Symposium venue and the local county.  Click here to learn more!


In the spirit of furthering collaboration and open source cross-pollination, we invite you to participate in our AHG Educational Anthology: A Compilation of our Member Herb Schools’ Favorite Handouts fundraiser.

All AHG Member Schools are invited to submit one original educational handout on any herbal topic from your course offerings. This is a wonderful, rare opportunity for your school to be featured and to share your contributions!  Keep in mind that the material you submit should exemplify your strengths as a school, representing the best of what makes your organization a standout in the herbal education realm.

All submissions will be compiled into a digital booklet, which will be made available for purchase for a nominal/sliding scale fee later this year. 

How to Submit:

Please consider participating by submitting a Word document or PDF of your favorite course handout to office@americanherbalistsguild.com. Your handout can be colorful – the more color, the better! In your email submission, please include a copy of your logo and your preferred contact information (social media handles, website, email address). Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about submission.

Keep an eye out for our NEW Member's Only newsletter, which is released at the beginning of each month. Each month we showcase a membership benefit, spotlight a community member, share an article from our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) page, and as well as include any membership promotions and upcoming events.


Closed Captioning

In an ongoing effort to boost accessibility to our education materials, we are in the process of experimenting with new features. We have implemented closed captioning on our live Webinars and Meetups via Zoom, and have added closed captioning to some Webinars for Herbalists in our archives. You can check those out here.  If you have any feedback, please reach out to the office at office@americanherbalistsguild.com