Herbal Medicine with Clay, Mud and Sand

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Leslie Williams RH(AHG), M.Ed. (UGA)
Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 8:00pm EDT
Please note webinar time is: 8 pm Eastern Time, 7 pm Central Time, 6 pm Mountain Time, 5 pm Pacific Time
This workshop builds on traditional uses of local clay in combination with oils, water and a variety of herbs.  Topical uses for both drying or hydrating skin vary depending on carrier oils, water or herbal tea.  We will discuss minerals in clay and mud, and emollient as well as abrasive properties useful to herbal practice.  You will learn how to safely add Earth to your apothecary and your first aid kit.
Bio: Leslie (Leslita) Williams was raised by working class possums in the north Florida swamps. Her kin wandered to Appalachia in summer and she learned plants and trees and creatures across the southern USA.  Leslita has an affinity for tree medicine, herbal formulating and local plants - and works to share these tools with others.  She is the ringleader of the legendary Grey Rat School, and works under the name of Ordinary Herbalist.