Sponsor Resources

2020 AHG Organizational Sponsor Benefit Resources

We are deeply grateful for your support of the American Herbalists Guild and our mission. Thanks to you we are able to continue our service to the herbal community.

We want you to take advantage of all of the benefits of your sponsorship.

Here is information about how to get the most from your contribution. There are several important deadlines that you need to be aware of in the coming months so please take a moment now to read this information and take action using the links provided where needed.

Look for future emails with more details and deadline reminders.

If you have any questions about any aspects of the Symposium at any time, contact us by email or phone at 617-520-4372. 

AHG Sponsor Benefits
Please see here for benefits by Sponsor Level.

If you have not yet submitted your logo to the office, please send it immediately to office@americanherbalistsguild.com so we can include it on the AHG website and on other promotional materials. Logos should be digital high-resolution files in a JPEG, JPG, or EPS format.

Website Listing
If you have already submitted your logo, review your website link and description are viewable here.  Let us know if any edits are needed. https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/symposium/symposium-sponsors

Your logo has been included on our homepage and in the rotating graphics on all Symposium website pages. To update your logo or description at anytime, please email us. (office@americanherbalistsguild.com)

Online Symposium Benefits
Please see here for an explanation of Symposium Sponsor Benefits:

Online Symposium Dates
Pre symposium Intensives recordings available on October 1.

Online Symposium Live Dates
Friday, October 16 -  through Sunday, October 18

Post-Symposium Intensives Live Dates
Thursdays, October 22 – November 12

View the Symposium ‘Schedule At A Glance’ here: https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/symposium/ahg-2020-virtual-symposium-experience-schedule-glance

Sponsor Ticket Registration
All Sponsors are required to register for the Online Symposium. Please go to the below link and register using the code SPONSOR.

If you need assistance registering, please visit this page for detailed instructions on the process: https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/symposium/register-ahg-online-symposium-experience

Please note: Online Symposium registrations provided to sponsors do not include admission to pre-symposium or post-symposium intensives. You must register and pay for these events through the AHG website.

Platinum Level Sponsors: 8 symposium tickets
Gold Leaf Level Sponsors: 5 symposium tickets
Silver Leaf Level Sponsors: 3 symposium tickets
Copper Leaf Level Sponsors: 2 symposium tickets
Green Leaf Level Sponsorship: 1 symposium ticket

Online Exhibitor Booth
If you would like to take advantage of your online exhibitor booth. Please send the following information to specialprojects@americanherbalistsguild.com by September 1.

• Background image for your booth. The image should be a 16:9 JPG or JPEG. Please note this is not good advertising space. Large amounts of the background image will not be visible to attendees depending on their screen resolution.
• Booth Welcome Description/Images sent in a JPG or JPEG format. If you would like to use a full-width image, keep in mind the booth is 525px wide. We don’t recommend using images with a height of 750px or higher or it can run down past the background image.
• Booth Welcome Video. A short video no more than 5 minutes. Please send a link to an MP4 of your video via Zoom, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
• Any PDFs you would like to make available for download in your booth
• Email addresses of booth admins
• Any contest information you would like in your booth
• Any discounts or information you would like listed on your store page

Sponsor Video in Booth
• If your Sponsor Level includes a video in your booth (Copper Sponsorship and above). Videos should be no more than 3 minutes long. Please submit your video by September 1. Please send a link to an MP4 of your video via Zoom, Dropbox, or Google Drive to specialprojects@americanherbalistsguild.com.

Sponsor Spotlight Video
• If your Sponsor Level includes a Spotlight Video (Silver Sponsorship and above). Please follow the following instructions for submitting your video by September 1. Videos should be no more than 10 minutes in length. Please send a link to an MP4 of your video via Zoom, Dropbox, or Google Drive to specialprojects@americanherbalistsguild.com.

Sponsor Ad Between Sessions
• If your Sponsor Level includes an ad between Online Symposium sessions (Silver Sponsorship and above). Please follow the following instructions for submitting your video by September 1. Videos should be no more than 30 seconds long. Please send a link to an MP4 of your video via Zoom, Dropbox, or Google Drive to specialprojects@americanherbalistsguild.com..

Digital Symposium Program
Platinum Leaf: Full page cover
Gold Leaf: Full page
Silver Leaf: Half page
Copper Leaf: Quarter page
Green Leaf: Eighth page

Program ad specs are located here. /sites/americanherbalistsguild.com/files/symposium_program_ad_specs.pdf

All ads are full color and are due September 18.

Journal of the American Herbalists Guild Ads
Platinum Leaf: Audio-video content ad
Gold Leaf: Audio-video content ad
Silver Leaf: Full page color
Copper Leaf: Half page color
Green Leaf: Quarter page color

All JAHG ads are full color. The ad deadline for fall issue is September 18, 2020. The ad deadline for the spring issue is March 15, 2021.

Journal ad specs are located here. https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/advertise-journal-american-herbalists-guild

Professional Herbalist Training Webinar Ads
Platinum Leaf: One full year of webinars (from date of ad submission)
Gold Leaf: Four webinars
Silver: One Webinar

Webinar ads should be submitted as a formatted Powerpoint slide.

View webinar schedule here:

AHG Membership Benefits
Your sponsorship includes a one-year Institutional if you are a Gold or Platinum Leaf Sponsor. Send an email to the AHG office to activate your membership.

Social Media Benefits
If your Sponsorship includes a unique social media write up (Silver and above) please email events@americanherbalistsguild.com to coordinate your post on AHG social media.

Help us spread the word!
We are very excited about our first ever Online Symposium Experience. Please consider helping us spread the word about this event in your communities. Below is a link to a graphic and some language describing our event. If you have any questions about how you can help promote and provide outreach for this event, please send us an email at events@americanherbalistsguild.com or heather@americanherbalistsguild.com.

Graphic: Registration Open

Symposium Website: https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/symposium/join-us-our-31st-annual-symposium

Promo language:

Join the experience of the American Herbalists Guild Online Symposium!

Our interactive event on Vconference Platform features 36 presenters, 2 keynote speakers, panel discussions, a Vendor Fair, and Pre and Post-Symposium Intensives. Gain Premier access to AHG YouTube Channel and networking opportunities via Live Zoom Meetups and WHOVA Networking.  Attend the live event or access On Demand recordings for 90 days!