Keynote Presenters: David Hoffmann and Anjali Taneja

David Hoffmann

Herbalism and Social Resilience: An Outsider’s Perspective with David Hoffmann

We're honored to have David Hoffmann as one of our keynote presenters for this year's Symposium. His keynote presentation, Herbalism and Social Resilience: An Outsider’s Perspective, will be live-streamed on Friday, October 15, 2021, from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST. Access to Mr. Hoffmann's keynote is included with your registration for Online Symposium Experience

The perspectives, practice, and skills of herbalism offer much more than promoting an individual's health and supporting a resilient response to challenges. To understand the challenges of the current situation we as a society face, Hoffmann will share a perspective that puts our modern use of herbs in the context of ecological ‘deep time’. The insights gained will hopefully illuminate herbalism's contribution to a resilient community response to the health care challenges of the short, medium, and long term future. We will examine what our challenges are and how green medicine may respond. This presentation will be a blend of political/philosophical considerations and practical proposals to address a variety of needs and possibilities.

About David Hoffmann

A Fellow of Britain’s National Institute of Medical Herbalists, David Hoffmann has been a phytotherapist for 45 years. Graduating in Biological Science from Sussex University in 1973, David became a member of the Institute in 1978 and was ‘elevated’ to a fellowship in 1995. After moving to the US in 1986, he became the Director of California School of Herbal Studies after Rosemary Gladstar, and is still on the faculty. David was one of the 12 founding members and a past president of the American Herbalist Guild.

The author of 14 books, translated into 9 languages, his latest is a textbook on the science of herbal medicine and its application in clinical practice, entitled Medical Herbalism. A peripatetic teacher to herb schools and academic institutions, David is a frequent presenter at conferences throughout the English-speaking world. In 2004, he joined Traditional Medicinals as chief formulator and is now Principle Scientist.

An activist his whole life, David ran for parliament in the UK for the Green Party in 1983. After forever being a clinical phytotherapist, he now has finally discovered the garden and the fact that he is actually an herbalist.

Solidarity Medicine: Creating Integrative Anti-Racist Systems of Care and Building Power with Community with Anjali Taneja

We're honored to have Anjali Taneja as one of our keynote presenters for this year's Symposium. Her keynote presentation, Solidarity Medicine: Creating Integrative Anti-Racist Systems of Care and Building Power with Community, will be live-streamed on Saturday, October 16, 2021, from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST. Access to Dr. Taneja's keynote is included with your registration for Online Symposium Experience.

What does it mean to build systems of care that disrupt the medical industrial complex, that are sustainable, and that integrate healing modalities and decolonize the practice of medicine? And what is our role in building power and solidarity with community?

Anjali Taneja will share the history and vision of Casa de Salud, an integrative, culturally humble, and anti-racist clinic in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The organization was born out of a partnership among western medical providers, traditional healers, and community volunteers. Its solidarity and liberation model organizes healthcare workers and community members for transformative structural change, and its anti-racist health apprentice fellowship supports primarily young women of color prepare to become healthcare leaders and clinicians. Anjali will share lessons learned and tools that can be utilized at various levels of building local systems of care and organizing with community.

About Anjali Taneja

Anjali Taneja co-founded CureThis (2007-2013), an online community space bringing health care leaders, community members, and patients together for discussion around new models of care. She is a member of the Creating Health Collaborative - an international collaborative of health innovators invited to share their ideas and visions of health beyond health care. She was a Next City Vanguard 40 under 40 Urban Leader, and she was selected as one of Go Magazine’s 100 Women We Love 2020, featuring LGBTQ+ women across the US who are working for change. And in the summer of 2020, she was appointed to the Health Committee of the Governor’s Council on Racial Justice in New Mexico.

Dr. Taneja is a family physician and DJ who is passionate about reimagining health care and healing in the US. She is the Executive Director of Casa de Salud, a culturally humble, anti-racist model of healthcare that aims to transform the biomedical model into one of solidarity with community and collective care. Casa integrates accessible and dignified primary care, queer/transgender care, harm reduction, addictions treatment, acupuncture, reiki, massage, and healing circles for uninsured, immigrant, and other marginalized communities in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The clinic runs a rigorous health apprenticeship that trains primarily young women of color interested in health care and healing; many go on to become health care leaders. She is board certified in family medicine and in addiction medicine and works in the emergency room of a small rural hospital in the Navajo Nation.