10th Annual Small Herbal Business Products Contest

Congratulations to our 10th Annual AHG Natural Products Contest Winners!

Winners will be included in the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild (along with their contact information, product photos, and little bit about the maker and their company.) The Grand Prize winner receives a full-page ad in the JAHG plus free admission and a complimentary Expo Booth at a future AHG symposium! Wow!!!

➢ Grand Prize: Carolina Bitters by Red Moon Herbs

Our NEW Carolina Bitters blend of all NC-grown or wildcrafted gentian (Gentiana andrewsii), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), reishi (Ganoderma tsugae), artichoke (Cynara scolymus), and rosehips (Rosa multiflora) is a digestive support formula representing dedicated farmers who work the land come rain or shine, heat or cold, sweet or bitter. Bitters taken before, with, or after a meal have long been heralded as an incredible aid to the digestive system, promoting the body's ability to rest, digest, and fully assimilate nutrition.

➢ Most Promising or Innovative Formula: Sinus Sentry Nasal Spray by the Healing Earth

Truly unique among nasal spray products, Sinus Sentry starts with a base of moisture neutral isotonic saline with which matches the salt level of your tears.  Sinus Sentry can be used as often as you need without the rebound swelling of many nasal sprays

Three antimicrobial (antibacterial/antifungal/ antiviral) herbs, Huang Lian, Myrrh, and Usnea help to resolve and may assist in preventing microbial infection of the sinuses.  In some cases a stubborn low level bacterial or fungal infection can contribute to chronic sinus issues.  These antimicrobials provide a low level of protection during travel.

➢ Best Topical Product: SPF BFF by the Herb Girls

➢ Greenest Product: Wild Bear Ease by Bear Earth Herbals

Wild Bear Ease is an antioxidant rich of Raspberry Leaves, Elder Berries, Elder Flowers and Sumac Berries. In addition to the immune supporting action of Elder, the wild harvested Raspberry Leaves and Sumac Berries offer a Vitamin C boost perfect for colds, flus and general immune support. The flavor is savory and nourishing, a favorite among kids and adults and an excellent addition to morning oatmeal.

At Bear Earth Herbals we believe that herbs should look and taste as fresh as the day they were harvested. The only way we’ve found to keep that level of quality is to do it ourselves. Most of the herbs in our blends are grown or sustainably wild harvested from the forests and fields of Northern Michigan. We then slow dry the herbs and hand process them right before the teas are mixed and packaged.

➢ Most Creative Product Name: Witchy Poo Fire Brew by April Lowery