10th Annual Small Herbal Business Products Contest

Do you make an amazing herbal product that's getting wonderful results? Something you are really proud of on your apothecary shelf? Consider submitting your creation to the 10th Annual AHG Small Herbal Business Products Contest!

Consider this your invitation to enter your favorite product in our annual competition. We have many entry categories (see below). Plus our volunteer judges are industry experts so you'll get some great feedback.

Winners will be included in the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild (along with your contact information, product photos, and little bit about you and your company.) The Grand Prize winner receives a full-page ad in the JAHG plus free admission and a complimentary Expo Booth at a future AHG symposium! Wow!!!

1. You must be in attendance at the Symposium to enter.
2. Your company has to be relatively small (<50 employees), or something you use in your practice, or just something brilliant you made at home for fun.
3. You may enter one product per category (no more than five total submissions).
6. All products must be clearly labeled with your name, product name, and all ingredients.
4. Your product has to be available in quantities that enable samples for all five judges.
5. You may provide a short synopsis of the product’s use, including relevant case history if it is an individualized product.
7. Bring your submission(s) to the Symposium registration table by Saturday, October 27, at 10 AM.

The judges will be drawn from some of our top herbal products manufacturers. The winners will be announced at the Rockin' Roots Party on Saturday evening.

➢ Most Promising or Innovative Formula (medicinal tea or tincture). You have the option of submitting a short, one-paragraph case study to go along with this.

➢ Best Topical Product

➢ Greenest Product (ingredients and packaging)

➢ Most Creative Product Name

➢ Grand Prize: Best Overall Product or Product Line


Take a look at the Small Herbal Business Products Contest 
Winners from last year....

➢ Grand Prize: Best Overall Product or Product Line

1st Place: Tea Jam - Frances O'Halloren
2nd Place: Mushroom Honey - Megan Hansen

➢ Best Topical Product

1st Place: Rainbow Bliss Sonoran Massage Oil - Chloe Groom
2nd Place: Wild Rose Facial - Frances O'Halloren

➢ Greenest Product (ingredients and packaging)

1st Place: Hawthorn Oxymel - Eaglesong Gardener
2nd Place: Be Nourished - Oshala Farm

➢ Most Creative Product Name

1st Place: OPI-allevi-ATE - Chloe Groom
2nd Place: Look No-xma - Jane Hawley Stevens/Four Elements

➢Most Promising or Innovative Formula

1st Place: Gut Guru - Lorissa Argo Ray
2nd Place: Royal Nubian - Janel Crystal Profit