Differential Treatment of Depression and Anxiety with Botanical and Nutritional Medicines

It seems almost everyone in our country is either depressed, anxious, or both.  We live in a very stress-filled time and society's mainstream solution is to take a pill or talk to a therapist. Both of these approaches can work, but what if you don't want to take an SSRI or anxiolytic medication or if orthodox therapies haven’t worked for you? In some cases, there are other options to help restore our emotional foundations and improve our psychological state.

From an herbalist's perspective, we understand that impaired mental health is more than an imbalance of neurochemicals. In this class we will discuss the more than 14 underlying causes of depression (inflammation-induced depression, GI -based depression, blood sugar dysregulation-induced depression, hormonal depression, etc) and 11 causes of anxiety (thyroid-induced anxiety, GI-induced anxiety, old-age induced anxiety, etc) and how mild to moderate cases can be often be effectively helped using the appropriate herbs. The common misconception that St. John's wort or any one herb is 'the depression herb' is untrue and we will look at the specific indications of emotional dysfunction and the specific remedies to treat them.