Whose Health? Sourcing Complexities with Rhodiola, Turmeric, and Nettles

Botanicals are an important component of building personal resilience and wellness. Do they also help build resilience in the communities that grow, harvest and process these plants for the global market? In this presentation, Ann will tell the stories behind rhodiola, turmeric, and nettles to provide windows into key issues and challenges companies face in sourcing medicinal plants in the global market. Ann will discuss rhodiola as an example of when threats to overharvesting make investing in cultivation the responsible sourcing strategy. Turmeric will be a way to explore issues of social equity and right livelihood as well as efforts to integrate regenerative farming practices into growing botanicals. And finally, Ann will talk about nettles to discuss different issues that arise in sourcing domestically grown herbs within a bioregional context versus those sourced from traditional traditional collector communities in eastern Europe.