Announcing 2017 Awards!

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Award Winners! 

Award in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Atava Garcia Swiecicki
Ancestral Apothecary

2017 Community Service Award 

Gigi Stafne
Herbalists Without Borders

2017 Volunteer of the Year Award  

Liz Giles

Product Contest Winners 2017

Grand Prize
Tea Jam by Frances O’Halloran

Best Formulation
Gut Guru by Lorissa Argo Ray

Best Topical Product
Rainbow Bliss by Chloe Groom

Greenest Product
Hawthorn Oxymel by EagleSong Gardener

Most Creative Product Name
OPI-allevi-ate by Chloe Groom

Poster Contest Winners 2017

People’s Choice and Best Clinical Application
Metabolic Activity of Acorus Calamus
by Rebecca Mains

Best Contribution to Knowledge
Antidermatophyte Activity of Black Walnut Hull
by Rosanne King