2021 Call for Proposals

Dear AHG Community,

The AHG Symposium Committee cordially invites you to submit proposals to present at the 32nd Annual 2021 Online Symposium Experience, October 15 to 17, 2021.

Our Symposium theme this year is Recovery, Resistance, Resilience: Trauma-Informed Herbal Healthcare. We offer attendees the opportunity to earn a Trauma-Informed Herbal Healthcare certificate and welcome proposals that relate to this topic. However, we also invite you to submit proposals about any topics that relate to all aspects of the practice of clinical herbalism.

The success of our Symposium depends on the contributions of AHG members and others in the herbal community. We encourage both seasoned and first-time presenters to submit proposals. Preference is given first to AHG Registered Herbalists (RH), second to AHG members, and finally to non-members interested in presenting. If you are not an AHG member, please consider joining us using this link.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 12, 2021. We will notify you by April 10, 2021, if your submission is accepted.

All Symposium presentations will be pre-recorded and streamed to attendees during the Symposium via our online platform. Speakers must log into the Symposium on the date and time their presentation is streamed and be available to answer questions via chat.

Please see the Submission Guidelines below for complete details about how to share your proposals with us.

Please note that you cannot submit a proposal this year if you presented at the 2020 AHG Online Symposium Experience. We may make exceptions if you have conducted extensive research or have experience within the designated theme or certificate track. If you presented at our 2020 Online Symposium Experience, you will receive information about a special discounted rate for attending this year’s Symposium before registration opens in July. 

We look forward to including a range of creative and diverse topics in our program this year and hope you will share your herbal expertise by submitting a proposal.

We also invite you to check out our sponsorship opportunities. Click here for details.

Questions? Please contact symposium@americanherbalistsguild.com.

See you in October!

Bevin Clare and Patricia Kyritsi Howell

2021 Symposium Advisory Committee

Submission Guidelines

The proposal submission deadline is March 15, 2021. Proposals received after this date will not be considered. You will be notified by April 10, 2021, if your proposal has been accepted. Please read the material here for details about what is required for your submission. Link to the submission portal is below.

Presentations should be two hours in length. Use of PowerPoint is encouraged when applicable.

Compensation: Complimentary 2021 Symposium ticket, honorarium ($300) for each lecture presented, and inclusion in the Speaker Promotion Package, which includes:

  • Your name, photo, and bio on our Symposium Speaker webpage, with a link to your website if provided.
  • Your name on the Symposium event flyer and official Symposium invitation.
  • Recognition in the AHG Symposium Newsletter and on the AHG Facebook page.

Presentation Proposal Criteria

We request proposals that address one or more of the following topic areas:

• Experience as a contemporary science-based clinician

• Experience as a clinician in a traditional system of herbal medicine

• Independent research in a novel or unique area of focus

• Focus on developing specific clinical skills

• Presents novel approaches not commonly found in available print or other information sources

• Based on information supported by traditional medicine, reliable scientific evidence, or practitioner experience

• Aligns with the Symposium theme and certificate track: Recovery, Resistance, Resilience: Trauma-Informed Herbal Healthcare

• Reflects the AHG Mission and Values

Mission: The American Herbalists Guild promotes clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice. The American Herbalists Guild supports access to herbal medicine for all and advocates excellence in herbal education.

Values: The American Herbalists Guild honors diversity in the practice of herbal medicine. We equally recognize the validity of traditional herbal practice and modern science-based clinical phytotherapy. As the American Herbalists Guild values the relationship between individual and environmental health, we are dedicated to promoting plant sustainability. 

How to Submit Your Proposal

You may submit up to three presentation proposals using our online submission form. See below for a list of what you will need to provide to complete your proposal. Use this link to access the Proposal Submission form:

Your contact information

AHG Membership status 

Two bios: 200 words and 70 words

Current CV or resume

A high resolution, color photo (headshots only)

Your presentation proposals with learning outcomes and intended audience (general, intermediate, advanced)