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Narrative in Practice: Case Studies in Clinical Herbalism
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Our 2020 Symposium features presentations that give you an intimate picture of how herbal practitioners apply their knowledge to create effective therapies. We're featuring presentations by experienced clinical herbalists dealing with real-world challenges in their practices. You'll see how they use their own clinical experiences and current research to address both chronic and acute conditions that respond poorly to conventional medicine. Their creativity will inspire you as they make herbal remedies affordable and adapt to the urgency and pressing challenges of our current global health crisis.

As we get used to the "new normal," our ability as practitioners to work with whatever we have on hand for everyday health care is critical. Our Post-Symposium Intensive Webinar Series, Herbalism from the Kitchen Cupboard to the Clinic, brings herbal medicine back into our kitchens and emphasizes affordable, efficient ways to use herbs and food to get and stay healthy. The four webinar sessions of this series are full of creative, practical, and compelling ideas for using what you have on hand or can find in most grocery stores for safe and effective home health care.

If you register for the 2020 Symposium and the Post-Symposium Intensive Webinar Series, you qualify to receive a Certificate of Completion for Narrative in Practice: Case Studies in Clinical Herbalism. After you complete a short evaluation form (to be emailed after webinar series), you'll receive the certificate via email.

Working towards your Registered Herbalist membership? Attend the Online Symposium Experience and Post-Symposium Intensive Webinar Series, complete the evaluation form, and add 20 clinical hours to your requirements. Learn more about Registered Herbalist application requirements here

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