Call for 2020 Poster Proposals

AHG President Bevin Clare explains how YOU can submit a poster to be displayed at Symposium!

Creating a Poster for the AHG from American Herbalists Guild on Vimeo.

Dear AHG Community,

The Symposium Committee cordially invites you to submit proposals for a poster presentation at the 31st Annual AHG Symposium. This is an excellent way to share your work and receive invaluable feedback from your peers and colleagues within the AHG community.

Below you will find information about poster presentations, suggestions for how to prepare and present a poster, and our submission guidelines. There is no monetary compensation for poster presentations accepted for display at symposium, however the posters will be judged, and awards presented. In addition, abstracts about your poster, along with your contact information, will appear in the Symposium Proceedings if submitted by August 1, 2020.

We hope you’ll consider sharing your experiences with our community. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have through the AHG office at or call 617-520-4327.

See you in October!

The Symposium Committee

What's a Poster?

Posters are a fantastic way to let others know about your ideas, a new line of research you are pursuing, or to present information about a specific protocol or herbal remedy used in a clinical context. Posters, and their authors, inspire others and as a presenter, you are able to receive feedback from your peers in the herbal community. The possibilities are endless!

Information on posters should be presented succinctly and clearly so that your viewers can glean the essence of your poster quickly, typically in no more than 5-10 minutes. The format may include visual, audio, or tactile experiences for your viewers, or they may simply be a poster mounted on foam core poster boards.

If you’d like some inspiration, check out other poster presentations by doing a Google search using the search terms, “conference posters”.

Posters will be available for viewing throughout the symposium. Additionally, our schedule includes a dedicated time for poster viewing on Saturday evening. All poster presenters should plan to be in the poster viewing area at this time to discuss their work informally with attendees, and with a panel of judges.

What do Posters Include?

•     A short written introduction to the topic.
•     A description of an approach or method of data collection. 
•     Any outcomes, results, or even burning questions that remain unanswered.
•     Text, images (for example, graphs, photographs, plant materials) or, for the technologically savvy, they may even offer audio recordings or videos to be played by attendees. They may also include product samples.
•     The poster title, the author's name and contact details.
•     Acknowledgements of others who helped with the work, such as collaborators, teachers, funding sources.
•     Key references.

Who Should Present a Poster?

Anyone! Whether you're a grower sharing the methods you use with your herbs, a clinician presenting a case history or an herbal protocol for a particular pattern of symptoms, or a student sharing your insights into a particular herb or condition, we welcome your submissions. The emphasis in posters is on sharing information that contributes to our growing knowledge as herbal practitioners. Posters geared towards advertising or promoting products, programs, or other business activities will not be considered.

The AHG community is wonderfully diverse and we’d like our poster presentations to reflect this.  Posters from experienced, established herbalists, herb students, home-based community herbalists, innovative medicine makers, and dedicated medicinal herb growers are all welcome. Keep in mind that poster presentations, just like oral presentations, may be included in your CV or resume as a measure of your expertise.

How to Submit Your Poster Proposal:

1.    Please read the Submission Guidelines carefully to be certain that you have included everything needed in your proposal. 
2.    Submit each proposal as an email attachment, with “AHG 2020 Poster Proposal” as the subject line. You may submit more than one!
3.    Use Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format for all proposals.
4.    File names should include your last name and first initial. For example, “IC Rosemary poster proposal 2020.docx”.
5.    Send proposals to:
6.    There is limited space for posters and we will continue to accept submissions until all space is filled, or until October 1, 2020, whichever comes first.
7.    You will be notified within 2 weeks of your submission, if your poster has been accepted.

Poster Proposal Submission Guidelines
Please include the following information with each of your poster proposals:
•     Name
•     Postal Mailing Address
•     Email Address
•     A 70 Word Bio
•     A succinct title for your poster, example “Acute Dosing Strategies Using Pedicularis”
•     A 200-400 word abstract summarizing your poster topic

We look forward to receiving your contributions!