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In this section of our website we welcome the chance to publicize books that are written (or edited) by  members of the American Herbalists Guild. If you would like to add your book(s) to this page, please send the following items to

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The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies (2016)
Katolen Yardley, MNIMH

A practical compendium of herbal medicines found in the kitchen, garden and forest. In depth descriptions and herbal profiles of local weeds (healers as well), kitchen spices, vegetables and medicinal plants. In depth material medica covering 47 herbal medicines, their application, recipes, actions, plant chemical constituents, nutrients and their applications for use (from Onions and Watercress to Nettles and Plantain, Dandelion to Daisy's and Violets to Roses).

This back to nature reference guide details effective herbal medicines and natural remedies for first aid, home cleaning and body care and common family health issues: from digestive complaints to sore muscles, wound healing, teenage acne and allergic reactions. This book is packed with herbal wisdom, traditional use and just the right amount of science.

Gain confidence and understand how to use plant medicine in your home. Dive into the alchemy and art of herbal medicine preparations, receive safety tips and perfect the techniques to create your own elixirs at home using the numerous recipes provided for delicious foods, herbal teas, tinctures, poultices, liniments, fomentations, herbal vinegars, salves and oils. Plus insights and wisdom shared from medical herbalist, Katolen Yardleys 20 years of clinical experience.

The Guide to Nutrition and Diet for Dialysis Patients
Shuang Chen

Specifically written for patients undergoing dialysis treatment, this guide provides important nutritional and dietary information to improve the patients' quality of life during dialysis and to prolong their lives. Presented in a concise, easy to read format, complete with food analyses and charts, the book addresses thirty-eight of the most commonly asked questions on diet and nutrition, offering essential knowledge for dialysis patients and their families. It also includes a series of lists for patients to use in identifying foods with high calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorous content

The Herbal Bath & Body Book: Create Custom Natural Products for Hair and Skin
Heather Lee Houdek

Today, more and more people prefer to bypass commercially available body-care products—and their chemical additives—in favor of more natural, homemade products. These high-quality herbal bath and beauty items fill the bill. Ranging from soaps and shampoos to soothing lotions and lip balms, the 50+ projects include such easy-to-find ingredients as beeswax, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, vitamin E, honey, and shea butter. Best of all, you can tailor the recipes to fit your own specific needs and hair and skin type. You'll find helpful information on the benefits of various flowers and herbs, and an overview of essential oils that details their therapeutic properties and scents. Enjoy these herbal delights yourself . . . or give them as gifts!

The Herbal Menopause Book
Amanda McQuade Crawford

This book offers a wealth of natural self-care therapies for women during the "Change". Drawing on the author's extensive practice as an herbalist, this comprehensive volume provides dozens of specific herbal remedies and other natural therapies for women facing the health issues that arise in premenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

The Homesteader’s Guide to Growing Herbs: Learn to Grow, Prepare, and Use Herbs
Kristine Brown, RH (AHG)

The essential guide to sowing, growing, and preparing herbs for homesteaders

Growing herbs means growing your own food, home remedies, beauty products, and more. This homesteader’s handbook is packed with expert information on planting, caring for, and using herbs to nourish and nurture yourself, your family, your pets, and even your livestock.

Learn about the countless perks of cultivating herbs on your homestead, find tons of info on foraging and growing, and get a step-by-step guide to creating your own herbal teas, tinctures, salves, and more. Who knew your own soil had so much potential?

This standout among homesteader books includes:

  • Garden planning―Discover a helpful guide to planning an herb garden, from selecting plants to deciding the size and location of your growing area.
  • An herb encyclopedia―Explore an informational index of common household herbs, including the parts used, plant properties, safety considerations, preservation methods, and much more.
  • A range of recipes―Try dozens of recipes for everything from homemade marshmallows and basil-infused cooking oil to sunburn soother spray, furniture polish, and natural deodorant.

From pickled garlic to pain relief, you can feed and heal your family with the power of herbs.

The Natural Medicine Chest
Eugene Zampieron & Ellen Kamhi

Based on the award winning radio vignettes , The Natural Medicine Chest is an in depth review of the History of Natural Medicine, monograms on herbs commonly used as medicine today, and a special section, the Shaman’s Garden, which reflects the authors’ direct communication with indigenous shamans on the folkloric use of herbs in their respective cultures.

The Nature of the Whole: Holism in Ancient Greek and Indian Medicine
Vicki Pitman, RH (AHG)

Dr. Dominik Wujastyk of University College, London writes in his Foreward to the book: "...Vicki Pitman dives deep into the Greek tradition of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, to discover whether the roots of holism can be found there. If such roots can be found, then perhpas we can say that Modern Establishment Medicine has lost something important that it once had...Pitman's thesis is distnguished by several features: orginality, scholarly integrity, and accessibility. Perhaps the most important is its historical probity. Pitman grapples with the original texts of Greek and Indian medicine, refusing to simplify, refusing to take anybody' elses word for their meaning. In doing so Pitman has produced a study which is factually trustworthy, serious and true to the traditions in explores."

The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook
Alan Tillotson

Published by Kensington Publishers, New York. An excellent herbal by one of our esteemed members. It is oriented around integrating Eastern and Western herbal systems and herbs.

The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism
Matthew Wood

Describes concepts from herbal medicine, homeopathy, and Native American medicine, making clear how simpling works, how specific medicines operate, and discussing various laws which will be familiar to homeopaths.

The Practicing Herbalist meeting with clients, reading the body THIRD EDITION
Margi Flint

A comprehensive text for practitioners of all levels covering starting a practice, running a business, conducting a meaningful consultation, guidelines for optimal health, food and herbal recipes, chapters from amino acids, enzymes and vitamins to chronic diseases and disrupted sleep patterns. Most important is the fully illustrated section on visual assessments of the face nails and tongue.  This third edition includes the complexities of the endocrine system and lack of intrinsic factor.  493 Pages Hardbound full of the author’s artwork and diagrams.