Registered Herbalists

This listing is for practitioners who have met the criteria for Registered Herbalist in the American Herbalists Guild. The information listed is provided by the practitioner and is not reviewed, evaluated or endorsed in any way by the AHG.

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Melissa Kasting

Mel Kasting is a Clinical Herbalist, Freelance Writer, and Assistant Clinic Director for the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s student-led free clinic. She has been in practice for 5 years, collaborating with free clinics, and working with private clients all over the country. She specializes in supporting folks with Histamine Intolerance, MCAS/MCAD, and autoimmunity, but also sees clients with female-bodied reproductive health/fertility, metabolic dysregulation (diabetes, insulin resistance), chronic Fatigue, fibromyalgia, and nerve damage.

Karta Purkh (K.P.) Khalsa

International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI

Personal Health Consultations; Mentor; Classes/Lectures; Author/Writer Expertise: Ayurvedic, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbalist; Nutritional consultant; Product development consultant.

Phone: 541-242-3314
Address: 4627 Fox Hollow Road
Eugene, Oregon, 97405
United States

Charlotte Kikel , RH (AHG)

Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting

Western herbalist; Nutritional consultant; Personal consultations; Classes/Lecturing

Phone: 512.587.0338
Address: 4 Eagle Nest Lane, PO Box 2617
Lyons, Colorado, 80540
United States

Sheila Kingsbury

Seattle Natural Family Medicine

Personal Consultations, Author/Writer, Classes/Lecturing

Phone: 206.729.1175
Address: 7750 15th Avenue, Suite A
Seattle, Washington, 98115
United States

Frieda Kipar Bay

Western energetic herbalist specializing in women's reproductive health, children's health, allergies, and first aid. Active clinical practice using tongue, pulse, and facial diagnostics and custom formulas.

Phone: 510-387-2232
Address: 4581 Daywalt Rd.
Sebastopol, California, 95472
United States

Michal Zipora Kirsh

Phone: 972 544737097
Address: 94 alenbi street
tel aviv, Tel-Aviv, 6581301

Rima Kittley, MD , MD

Family Medicine

Phone: 936-634-5699
Address: 1501 Hanks St Ste B
Lufkin, Texas, 75904
United States

Joyce Knieff , EAMP, LMP, ND

In Tune Healing Arts

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine focused on treating autoimmune disease and chronic physical and emotional pain

Phone: 2065880936
Address: 9500 Roosevelt Way NE, Ste 301
Seattle, Washington, 98115
United States

Wendy Knoebel

Blue Wingg Herbs

Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Herbalism; Nutritional Consultant; Personal Consultations/Clinic; Shirodhara

Phone: 802.522.4469

Donna Koczaja , MS, RH (AHG)

Green Haven Living LLC

Brief Description of your specialty: Support for chronic issues such as allergies, autoimmune complications, cardiovascular problems, digestive distress, hormone imbalance, inflammation/pain, low energy/fatigue, sleep challenges, stress, depression, anxiety, weakened immunity, women' issues, and more.

Phone: 410-888-9048x6614
Address: Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) Natural Care Center
Laurel, Maryland, 20723
United States