Meetup Monday Hosting

Host a Meetup Monday 

Thank you for your interest in hosting an AHG Meetup Monday! We’re excited about this new opportunity to build stronger connections between members of our community.

To be considered please click here to fill out the Meetup Monday Host Form, we will get back to you within a week with more information. If you have questions please email us at: 

Meet Up hosts act a facilitators for an exchange of ideas and resources. Here are some suggestions for making your session more engaging for you and attendees:

  • Be prepared to offer attendees a brief introduction to your topic and a little bit about yourself to get things rolling.
  • Have some questions or suggestions for discussion ready to fuel conversations if needed.
  • Encourage your attendees to turn their cameras on for a more interactive experience, and obviously you should have yours on too!
  • As host, try to make space for everyone to be heard. Politely remind those who are talking a lot to that this is a forum for all voices. Consider asking  them if they’d be willing to step back and let others speak.
  • Keep track of time and end your Meet Up at the agreed upon time. If people want to connect with each other after the session ends, encourage them to use the chat feature to exchange contact information directly.
  • Let us know how your Meetup went! Feel free to send a short email about your session to: We welcome your feedback and suggestions for this new format.