AHG Community Service Award

AHG Community Service Award. Herbalists Making A Difference!

Each year, the AHG gives out two awards to deserving members of the herbal community. Learn more about the Community Service Award below. To learn about the Award for Notable Work Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Justice in Herbalism click here.

The AHG Community Service Award honors an individual or group that has contributed significantly to the herbal profession and made a lasting impact through community or environmental service related to herbal professions on a local or national level. Past recipients include the Arizona Ethnobotanical Association, the Sage Mountain Health & Wellness Clinic in Vermont, Natural Doctors International, the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans, the Herb Bus and Herbalista Free Clinic in Atlanta, the Ithaca (NY) Free Clinic, the Occupy Eugene Free Clinic in Oregon, the Alternative Access Healthcare Campaign of Seattle, and Herbalists Without Borders.

Nominations for 2019 are now open. Please submit your nomination by June 15, 2019. Learn more about the application process. Download the application here.

The recipent of the Community Service Award is recognized with a plaque award at the Annual General Meeting of the American Herbalists Guild, at the Annual Symposium. In addition, the recipient will receive funding in the form of a cash award to further their community efforts. Funding is made possible by donations and contributions received from the AHG Annual Silent Auction Benefit.

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About the 2018 CSA Award Winner: 

Karen  Henderson,  MPH,  RH-AHG,  LMT,  BCST and Veterans  Resiliency  Holistic  Clinic

Karen  Henderson  is  the  Veterans  Resiliency  Holistic  Clinic  Coordinator  and  a  holistic  health  practitioner  who  integrates  sound  science,  traditional  wisdom  and  intuition  in  motivating  others  towards  wellness.    Her  passion  is  assisting  clients  with  releasing  symptoms  of  physical  and  emotional  trauma  from  the  body  and  restoring  nervous  system  regulation  and  resilience.  Karen  is  a  Clinical  Herbalist  (RH-AHG)  with  a  Master  of  Science  Degree  in  Therapeutic  Herbalism,  Biodynamic  Craniosacral  Therapist  (BCST),  Certified  Health  Coach  and  has  a  Master  of  Science  Degree  in  Public  Health  (MPH).  She  integrates  all  of  these  skills  to  assist  her  clients  in  the  healing  process.  Karen's  training  also  includes  Somatic  Experiencing  through  the  Somatic  Experiencing  Trauma  Institute.    Her  training  and  personal  experience  with  PTSD  brings  a  combination  that  helps  those  experiencing  the  dis-ease  of  trauma  find  health  and  balance.

The  Veterans  Resiliency  Holistic  Clinic  supports  veterans  who  have  experienced  the  wounds  of  war.  We  help  to  restore  inner  balance  and  increase  resiliency  in  your  life.  We  use  a  variety  of  holistic  modalities  to  help  relax  the  nervous  system  and  allow  the  discharge  of  “survival”  energies  that  can  keep  people  “stuck”  in  the  traumatic  event.  All  veterans  and  their  family  members  are  welcome!  VRHC  team  includes:  Talia  Moser,  Reflexology;  Jared  Smyser,  Wellness/Mindfulness  Coach;  Yumei  Silva,  Aromatherapist;  Denise  Cusack,  Clinical  Herbalist;  Sondra  Sealine,  Zero  Balancing  Practitioner;  Deborah  Woodward,  Yoga  Instructor;  Floyd  Herdrich  and  Ann  Furniss,  NADA  Acupuncturists.