Closed Captioned Webinars for Herbalists

The AHG is happy to offer the following closed captioned Webinars for Herbalists. 

Disclaimer: The views, information, and/or opinions expressed during these webinars are solely those of the presenter involved and do not necessarily represent those of the American Herbalists Guild. The American Herbalists Guild is not responsible, and does not verify for accuracy, any of the information contained in these webinars. The primary purpose of these webinars is to educate and inform. These webinars do not replace the need for medical or other professional advice or services.


The African Roots of Energetics: Exploring the Impact and Legacy of Medicine in the Nile Valley with Shabina Lafleur-Gangji and Geo Edwards- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.




Holistic Support for Trauma-Associated Sleep Disorders with Sky Richarde- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.





Legendary Lion's Mane! with Gina Rivers Contla- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.




Clinical Use of Plants for Neurological Disorders with Dr. Steve Blake- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.





Kinship and the Mycorrhizal Networks of Plants with Robyn Klein- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.



Botanical Allies for Entheogenic Journeys with Dr. Elena Roemer- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.




Bursera Microphylla in Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Arline Kaweah Lemeshewsky- 2021 Symposium. Watch the recording.




Herbalism in Detroit: Organizing, Self-Care, Social Justice, and Media Narratives with Lottie Spady- Recorded February 16, 2021. Watch the recording.



Herbalism on a Food Stamp Budget with Jen Stovall- Recorded October 22, 2020. Watch the recording.




Andragogy for Online Herbal Programs: Teaching tips and creative strategies with Bevin Clare, RH (AHG)- Recorded June 9, 2020. Watch the recording.



The Herbalist during the Current Viral Pandemic, a Shared Experience with 7Song- Recorded June 2, 2020. Watch the recording.




Evolving Therapeutic Strategies in the Stages of COVID-19 with Paul Bergner, RH (AHG)- Recorded May 26, 2020. Watch the recording.




The Plants of Black Freedom with Leah Penniman- Recorded December 17, 2019. Watch the recording.




Essential Medical Interview Skills for the Herbalist with Paul Bergner, RH (AHG). Recorded March 28, 2017. Watch the recording.




A Closer Look at Lemonbalm with Mimi Hernadez, RH (AHG)- Recorded September 17, 2016. Watch the recording.





Politically Compassionate Herbalism with Mary Blue- Recorded May 17, 2016. Watch the recording.