Closed Captioned Webinars for Herbalists

The AHG is happy to offer the following closed captioned webinars for herbalists. 

  • Andragogy for Online Herbal Programs: Teaching tips and creative strategies with Bevin Clare, RH (AHG)- Recorded June 9, 2020. Watch the recording.
  • The Herbalist during the Current Viral Pandemic, a Shared Experience with 7Song- Recorded June 2, 2020. Watch the recording.
  • Evolving Therapeutic Strategies in the Stages of COVID-19 with Paul Bergner, RH (AHG)- Recorded May 26, 2020. Watch the recording.
  • The Plants of Black Freedom with Leah Penniman- Recorded December 17, 2019. Watch the recording.
  • Essential Medical Interview Skills for the Herbalist with Paul Bergner, RH (AHG). Recorded March 28, 2017. Watch the recording.
  • A Closer Look at Lemonbalm with Mimi Hernadez, RH (AHG)- Recorded September 17, 2016.Watch the recording.