Clinical Skills Part One: Intakes, Patterns, and Interventions

Paul Bergner RH (AHG)


Part One: Intakes, Patterns, and Interventions

With comprehensive information gathered in an extended interview, presenting symptoms in a patient can be seen as expressions of broader patterns in diet, activity, lifestyle, and social behaviors of a patient. When the pattern is ascertained, appropriate interventions become clear, and removal of root causes and cultivation of a health-sustaining lifestyle become possible. In this Webinar, we will discuss the information required for a Comprehensive Intake, Interview Skills, and Pattern recognition in a vitalist ecological paradigm. We will then describe 25 patterns commonly seen in the modern clinic, and suggest general strategies and specific interventions with behavioral changes, diet, nutrition, supported by medicinal herbs.

Session One: The Comprehensive Intake. A model and skill set for a comprehensive intake including constitutional considerations, major and minor complaints, individual and family health history, major lifestyle factors, dietary assessment, drug side effects, and more.

Session Two: Patterns, strategies, and interventions I. Humoral patterns, constitution, and lifestyle.

Session Three: Patterns, strategies, and interventions II. Patterns in diet and digestion.

Session Four: Patterns strategies and interventions III. Metabolic, hormonal, and trauma patterns.

Paul Bergner RH (AHG) is the director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the editor of the Medical Herbalism journal. He has practiced natural medicine, nutrition and dietetics, and medical herbalism since 1973, He developed a comprehensive 2-year curriculum for training medical herbalists, culminating in an 8-10 month clinical residency in a teaching clinic. He has mentored more than 300 clinical students through these programs since 1996 and has trained a total of more than 3000 students through classroom or distance learning programs in medical herbalism and clinical nutrition. He is the author of seven books and publications on medical herbalism, nutrition, ethnobotany, and naturopathic medicine.

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