Becoming an AHG Governing Council Member

As our organization moves into our 30th year, herbalism and the practice of herbal medicine have never been more important in the lives of communities everywhere. And the Guild continues to grow, doing even more to support herbalists through our many programs and events each year.

In other words, this is an exciting time to join the leadership of AHG and help shape the direction of our next 30 years!
The Governing Council, also known as the Board of Directors, is comprised of ten to twelve people elected by our AHG members. As representatives of the membership, Councilors act on their behalf to guarantee that we fulfill our organizational mission as stated in the by-laws, and builds a sound financial future. 

Serving as a volunteer member of the AHG Governing Council offers you many benefits.
During your two-year term you’ll:

  • Develop valuable skills in non-profit governance, program planning and strategic planning
  • Expand your network of professional contacts across the country, and the world
  • Gain recognition from your community and peers in the herbal field
  • Use your voice and your many years of experience to advocate for clinical herbalism
  • Serve on one or two key committees and provide leadership on various AHG projects
  • Support the AHG with a confidential, comfortably meaningful contributon via our Annual Council Giving Campaign 

An Elected Position: Candidates for Council must be members in good standing and must first be nominated and then elected by membership into their seat. A variety of factors shape each year including how many incumbent council members are on the board, how many members are nominated, and how many seats are available. Currently two seats are up for election to General/Student members four seats are up for election for Registered Herbalists. Unfortunately sometmes not every candidate will be elected. It is important to remember that there are many ways to become active within AHG and that we will work with you to find placement as a volunteer or on a committee. 

2019 Important Dates to Consider:

  • August 9: Candidates Vetted: Prior to this date, we ask that each candidate engage in a phone call with election chairman David Harder, the Executive Director, Mimi Hernandez, or another appointed representative. This allows us to answer your questions and provide information.
  • August 14: Candidates submit written information for their ballots including a position statement (200 words) a bio (100 words) and a photo.
  • August 16: Ballots distributed to AHG members via email.
  • August 30: Results Announced
  • October 10: Full day Council meeting at AHG Symposium

Working Council Skills: The Governing Council is a working council: All council members serve on one or two committees and provide leadership for various projects. Council assesses the work of the AHG through a filter of mission, vision and culture and works closely with the Executive Director who assesses the work of the AHG through a filter of day to day efficiency and effectiveness.

The successful council candidate should be able to correspond via email and use social networking and communication tools such as google groups. It is helpful if the candidate has experience using technology such as cloud storage (like dropbox), microsoft word, and Excel spreadsheets. Experience reviewing budgets and profit and loss statements is also very useful council members skill. Once elected the council will do its best job at matching the council member’s skill set with the appropriate role.

AHG Council Meetings: Council, officers, and Executive Director currently meet once per month via tele-conference. Each meeting must meet an attendance quorum for meetings to be official. The President sets the agenda for monthly meetings. Each time a new slate of council members is selected a poll is distributed to determine the best mutual day of each month to meet.

AHG Committees: Each AHG committee has one council member designated to be a chair. It is up to the committee chair to determine who they select to be on the committee panel. It can be as small or large as necessary to serve its function. During the monthly AHG Council meetings, each committee chair will present to the Council all the activities of their group. They may ask for feedback or report to Council the official recommendations for any action the committee agrees on. Council can then choose to discuss and vote on the issue or not. 

Council’s Role in Symposium: Council plays a vital role in ensuring a successful Annual Symposium. They are tasked with raising sponsorship revenue, networking with AHG members, and managing various projects during the symposium. They participate in the AHG Annual General Meeting and help to facilitate panels and conversations. The AHG provides all Council members with free symposium attendance and shared lodging. Modest travel support is also provided to offset travel expenses. 

Annual Council Meeting & Orientation: All current, incoming, and outgoing council members are asked to attend a full day council meeting typically the Thursday prior to the annual symposium. The 2019 schedule is set for a day long meeting to be held on Thursday, October 10 at in Bethesda MD.

If you are interested in running for AHG Council Election or have any questions about this process please write to