Registered Herbalists

This listing is for practitioners who have met the criteria for Registered Herbalist in the American Herbalists Guild. The information listed is provided by the practitioner and is not reviewed, evaluated or endorsed in any way by the AHG.

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Philippa Joly , RH (AHG)

Philippa Joly, clinical/ community herbalist

I work from a client centered, harm reduction approach to offer holistic health care in the form of counseling, quality herbal medicine, flower essences and nutritional support.

Phone: 250-650-9171
Address: 5231 Denman road
Denman Island, BC, V0R 1T0

Feather Jones , CCH

Canyon Spirit School of Botanical Studies

I am a practicing herbalist and teacher in Western Herbal Medicine and integrate herbal remedies, holistic nutrition, flower essences and stress reduction guidance. Holding a certificate from the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine as Clinical Herbalist from 1982, a 35+ year career in teaching herbal medicine and clinical practice, coupled with a background in Native American (Mandan) tribal teachings, provides my clients and students with a synergistic approach to health and healing. I am currently offering a year long Sedona Herbal Apprenticeship Program in Sedona.

I am a Botanical Field Guide at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and have served twice on the Board of Directors for the American Herbalists Guild. I currently sit on the Admission Committee for the AHG.

Phone: 3037090838
Address: PO Box 20631
Sedona, AZ, 86341
United States

Ellen Kamhi , AHN-BC, PhD, RN

The Natural Nurse

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG-RH, AHN-BC is a leader in the herbal nutraceutical industry, recognized as a consultant specializing in regulatory issues, formulation and product education. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG- RH), nationally board certified as a holistic nurse (AHN-BC), and is a medical school instructor in botanical pharmacology, and author of many books. She offers online/onground CE approved Herbal Certification Programs, and offers to experience shamanic healing traditions in indigenous areas of the world. Ellen is a wildcrafting intuitive herbalist, and is adept at radionics and dowsing. She is on the Peer Review Editorial Board of several journals/organizations, including: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Natural Medicine Journal, Natural Standard Database. Dr. Kamhi educates professionals and consumers about how to care for themselves Naturally! Her blog is recognized by Newsmax among the Top 100 Health Blogs in the country. .
Her passions include sharing her 5 decades of in depth herbal and nutritional knowledge with individuals that will carry natural healing arts forward into the next millennium. , 800-829-0918

Phone: 6319032781

Tracey Kamm , MH, RH (AHG)

Spirit of the Bear LLC

Autoimmune, challenging cases, emotional balance, health coaching, working with people long distance or in office.

Phone: 3072211292
Address: 518 E 19th Street
Cheyenne, WY, 82001
United States

Melissa Kasting , RH

Forest Edge Herbals

Mel Kasting, RH (AHG), is a clinical herbalist, botanist, and amateur wild foods chef, living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia. She is an instructor and Clinic Director for the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s student-led free clinic located in Lowgap, North Carolina. She has been in practice for 8 years, offering in-person and distance consultations.

Through free clinic work and her business, Forest Edge Herbals, Mel is exploring the intersections of herbalism, botany, society, and somatic experiencing to support plant-centered botanical medicine and the celebration of the teeming diversity life brings.

Mel is trained in functional herbalism, a modality that blends traditional western herbalism with clinical nutrition and functional medicine. It is a systems-based model that honors traditional plant-based care, while recognizing the importance of lifestyle modifications, herbs, and supplements, alongside functional laboratory testing, to address the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms or disease.

Phone: 3345048069

Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa , RH (AHG)

International Integrative Educational Institute (IIEI

Personal Health Consultations; Mentor; Classes/Lectures; Author/Writer Expertise: Ayurvedic, Western and Traditional Chinese Herbalist; Nutritional consultant; Product development consultant.

Phone: 5412423314
Address: 4627 Fox Hollow Road
Eugene, OR, 97405
United States

Rima Kittley, MD , MD

Rima Kittley, MD

Family Medicine

Phone: 9366345699
Address: 1501 Hanks Street STE B
Lufkin, TX, 75904
United States

Chris A. Kleronomos , DAAPM, DAOM, FNP-BC, LAc, MSc

MediPro Holistic Health

Functional Medicine
Chronic Pain

Phone: 503-828-9265
Address: 17933 NW Evergreen Place
Beaverton, OR, 97006
United States

Joyce Knieff , EAMP, LAc, ND

Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine focused on treating thyroid conditions, autoimmune disease, and chronic physical and emotional pain

Phone: 3203487424
Address: 14525 Highway 7
United States

Katie Knipfer , MS, PA-C, RH (AHG)

Wildwood Family Clinic

Herbal Medicine, Family Medicine, Women's Health, Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine

Phone: 608-839-3515
Address: 251 E Cottage Grove Road
Cottage Grove, WI, 53527
United States