Tongue Diagnosis for Western Herbalists, Part II

Lesley Tierra, L. Ac., R. H. AHG
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 8:00pm EST

Tongue Diagnosis is invaluable for helping determine the body’s state of health and from this, the most efficient and effective herbal approach to use. In our part II class, we will quickly review the tongue map, body color and coat and then focus on body shape and movement. Lastly, we will put these together and examining all aspects of several tongue presentations.

Lesley Tierra, L. Ac., R. H. AHG, nationally and California State licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, combines acupuncture with herbal, food and transformational therapies in her private practice. A founding, professional and Advisory Board member of the American Herbalists Guild, she is author of Healing With the Herbs of Life (Crossing Press, 2003), A Kid’s Herb Book (Robert D. Reed Publishers, 2000), Healing with Chinese Herbs (Crossing Press, 1997), The Herbs of Life (Crossing Press, 1992), Metaphor-phosis: Transform Your Stories from Pain to Power (Balboa Press, 2012) and co-author of Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Volumes I and II with Michael Tierra (Lotus Press, 1998). Lesley collaborated with Michael Tierra to produce the East West Herb Course and has taught throughout the world since 1983.

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