The Role of Inflammation as a Factor in All Disease

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 11:00pm EDT to Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 12:30am EDT
Christopher Hobbs, RH(AHG)

7:00 Eastern Time, 6:00 Central Time, 5:00 Mountain Time and 4:00 Pacific

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The role of inflammation as the major etiological factor in all disease. A cross-cultural understanding of yin deficiency as chronic inflammation. Why excessive and chronic inflammation arises, how to prevent and reduce this excess inflammation, and how to treat diseases that arise from the process clinically with diet and foods, spices, and herbal treatments.

Christopher Hobbs is a fourth-generation, internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, herbal clinician, research scientist, consultant to the dietary supplement industry, expert witness, botanist, mycologist with over 35 years of experience. The author or co-author of over 20 books, Christopher lectures on herbal medicine world-wide. He has taught at universities and medical schools such as Stanford Medical School, Yale Medical School, Bastyr University and the National School of Naturopathic Medicine. He has taught classes for the last 6 years at the University of California, Berkeley as a Ph.D. graduate student in evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, plant chemistry, and ethnobotany. He is also a grateful father of Ken Hobbs and partner to Leslie Gardner.

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