Marketing for Herbalists

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 11:00pm EDT to Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 12:30am EDT
Steven Horne, RH(AHG)
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7:00 Eastern Time, 6:00 Central Time, 5:00 Mountain Time and 4:00 Pacific

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Everyone involved in the American Herbalists Guild loves working with herbs. The question for many is, how can I make a living as an herbalist?  Gaining the skills to assess people's health problems and know how to recommend the right herbs based on that assessment is half of the equation. But many people who have this kind of knowledge aren't sure how to turn it into a business, so the other half of the equation is learning some business and marketing skills.
In this webinar, we'll talk about how you market yourself as an herbalist and build up a clientele that will allow you to earn a living working with people and plants. We'll discuss the four P's of marketing: people, products, pricing and promotion and how it applies to setting up an herbal practice or other business in this field. We'll talk about how to collect qualified leads, create a mailing list and market to that list. We'll also talk about how to construct effective promotions so you can build your customer base.

About the Instructor: Steven Horne, RH(AHG) has been providing educational tools to help people build herb businesses for 24 years. He has not only studied herbs and natural medicine; he has also studied business and marketing. As a past president of the AHG, he hopes this webinar will hep aspiring herbalists to get their businesses started and give professional herbalists ideas and tools to reach more people.

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