Kratom for Addiction and More

Bob Linde, AP, RH (AHG)
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 8:00pm EDT

Kratom is being talked about more every day. Almost banned as a Schedule 1 drug just a year ago and others see it as a miracle for opioid addiction. Learn about the energetics, research, and clinical uses of this controversial plant.

Bob Linde, AP, RH (AHG) focuses on his clinical practice as the owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies, a multi-practitioner/multimodality practice, in St. Petersburg Florida and teaching as the co-director of Traditions School of Herbal Studies and the Professional Herbalists Training Program. He also consults as a product developer for national herbal product companies for humans and animals and enjoys growing many medicinal herbs in his yard. He serves as the Vice President of the Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA). Bob has presented at the FSOMA, Florida Herbal Conference, and the American Herbalist Guild conferences. He lectures regularly at colleges and organizations around the US. He has worked as a counselor for teenagers, treasure hunter, GreenPeace worker, Desert Storm veteran, commercial diver and fisherman He has lived in Europe and traveled to the Amazon, Galapagos, Yukon Territory, Caribbean and throughout the US. Bob just completed 12 episodes for INTI TV, Sanaciones con Bob Linde, an exploration of indigenous people’s herbal practices.

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