Extract Cannabis like a Vitalist: Traditional Methods for Clinical Use

Lisa Ganora
Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 8:00pm EDT

Now that access to this potent medicinal herb is increasing, it's time for herbalists to revive the historical pharmacy methods of making broad-spectrum tinctures, elixirs, oils and salves.
Using methods developed by herbalists and pharmacists of the 1800s, and updated with contemporary phytochemical understanding, we'll learn how to make concentrated products
that include not only the famous cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc.) but also the synergistic terpenes, flavonoids, carotenoids and (Yes!) chlorophyll. Unlike most extraction methods being
used for the market today, which focus only on cannabinoids, we'll learn about how to truly prepare Cannabis as a medicinal herb in all of its wonderful complexity.

Bio: Lisa Ganora began studying Wise Woman Tradition herbalism in the ‘80s. Later, she wildcrafted in the Appalachians, created herbal products, and travelled the festival circuit with her herb booth. After practicing as a community herbalist for a decade, Lisa retuned to college and graduated from UNCA summa cum laude in biology and chemistry.

In addition to directing the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism since 2012 and managing Elderberry's (a Rocky Mountain herb farm and education center in Paonia, CO), Lisa has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and has lectured and taught classes at numerous schools and conferences around the U.S. She is the author of Herbal Constituents, a popular textbook on phytochemistry for natural health practitioners, and is currently developing a distance-learning course in Herbal Constituents and Phytochemistry for the Practitioner, to be available through Herbal Medics University in September 2018.

Lisa is available for consulting in medicinal plant chemistry, synergy, and formulation for the herbal and natural products industries.

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Lisa Ganora
Director, CSCH
Office: 720-406-8609
Direct: 720-722-4372

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