Darkness & Light: Herbal Strategies to Support Circadian Rhythms

Camille Freeman, RH (AHG)
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm EDT

This live webinar event will take place at 8:00 pm EST (7:00pm Central Time, 6:00pm Mountain Time, and 5:00pm Pacific Time).

Many herbalists rely on a core group of herbs to support healthy sleep, and most are also familiar with the practice of "sleep hygiene." However, some clients experience recalcitrant sleep or other circadian disruptions that don't respond to these interventions. In these cases, adjusting the timing of the interventions may make all the difference. In this webinar, we'll briefly cover sleep physiology and the mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms. Next, we'll explore a variety of dosing strategies that encourage healthy rhythmicity. 

Camille is a Registered Herbalist and an associate professor in the Integrative Health Sciences department at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where she teaches physiology and pathophysiology. She holds degrees from Rice University, the Tai Sophia Institute, and Georgetown University, and is also a licensed nutritionist specializing in reproductive health and fertility. In addition to wrangling two small children, Camille enjoys yoga, gardening, and tracking down deals at thrift stores and garage sales.

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