2014 Symposium Proceedings

The following handouts were authored and submitted by symposium speakers who have elected to participate by sharing their lecture notes.  The AHG had no role in producing or editing any materials posted here. 

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2014 AHG Symposium Poster Abstracts

2014 AHG Symposium Poster Abstracts

2014 AHG Symposium Proceedings

Alexander, Leslie & Williams, Leslie - Herbalism in Context: Interpreting a Client Interview and Shaping an Outcome

Bunce, Larkin - Heart-Ache And Spirit-Pain: Differentiating Herbs For Psycho- Spiritual-Emotional Distress

Bunce, Larkin - Living Medicine: 5 Phases For Western Herbalists

Cabrera, Chancal - Acute Narrow Angle Glaucoma: A Botanical Case Study

Cabrera, Chancal - Managing Surgery With Botanicals And Nutrition

Clare, Bevin - Althaea, Angelica And Arctium: Using Powders In Clinical Practice

Clare, Bevin - Rapport to Rumex: Detailing The Clinical Process From Start To Finish

Coffman, Sam - The Herban Medic

Coffman, Sam - Herbs For Wound Healing And Infection Control

Dvorkin, Lana - Research Based Principles Every Herbal Educator Should Know

Fidler, Susan - Neurological Implications Of Gluten/Wheat Associated Disorders

Freeman, Camille - Herbal Support In The Postpartum Period

Hobbs, Christopher - Medicinal Mushroom: An Updated Presentation Of The Science And Tradition Behind The Growing Interest

Hobbs, Christopher - Preventing And Treating Flu And Other Upper Respiratory Tract Infections: A Multi-Cultural And Integrative Approach

Hobbs, Christopher - Key Herbs for Upper Respiratory Infections

Hodgkinson, Lorraine - Tackling ‘Difficult’ Sleep Disorders And Other Conditions Using The Constitutional Review Approach

Horne, Steven - Creating Effective Herbal Formulas

Jones, Feather - Botanical Support For Cognitive Impairment In The Aging Adult

Kingsbury, Sheila - Creative Compliance: Delivery Strategies For Treating Children

Kingsbury, Sheila - Pediatric Respiratory Case Management

Kramer, Susan - Untying The Knot: Making Sense Of The Complicated Case

Mars, Brigitte - Natural Remedies For Mental And Emotional Health

McQuade-Crawford, Amanda - Death, Bereavement and Grief: What Herbalists Can Do

Richey, Holli - Emotionally-Focused Herbal Therapy: An Herbalist's Role In Supporting People Experiencing Mood Disorders, Anxiety And Trauma Disorders

Richey, Holli - Integrative Medicine Clinics: Models of Collaborative Care

Snow, James- A Physiology Relevant to Herbal Medicine

Snow, Rebecca - Motivational Counseling Strategies For The Herbalist

Sodhi, Virender - Bridging The Gap: Treatment Of Hepatitis C Using Ayurveda In Combination With Interferon And Ribavirin

Sodhi, Virender - Integrative Approach To Cancer Management With Ayurvedic Medicine

Tierra, Leslie - Tongue Diagnosis And Herbs

Tierra, Michael - Hypertension: Not A Disease But A Symptom

Tims, Michael - Finding, Understanding, And Applying Primary Research Literature For The Herbalist

Williams, Leslie - Medicinal Tree Walk

Wingo, Claudia Joy - Protecting Our Shell: Recognizing Benign And Malignant Skin Conditions

Wood, Matthew - The Circulation in Traditional Western Herbalism

Wood, Matthew - Unique Traditions of Western Herbalism