Susan J. Fidler

Susan J. Fidler, MSc, BSc, FCPP, (RH)ANG, is a practicing phytotherapist with 12 years experience in her clinic in Maryville, Tenn.  A native of England, her background is in molecular biology and biochemistry.  She had a variety of teaching experiences until becoming a full-time consulting herbalist in 2001 after completing a degree in Phytotherapy at the College of Phytotherapy of the University of Wales.  She wildcrafts a number of her herbs and makes her own herbal medicines.  She also teaches occasional familiarization courses at the local community college on herbal medicine.  Consults include physical assessment, metabolic urinalysis, and TBM.  Special interests include cancer, gluten-associated enteropathies, and, lately, Lyme Disease.  Her hobbies include pets, lots of organic gardening, travel, hiking with friends, and spiritual growth.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in naturopathy.