Lorraine Hodgkinson, RH(AHG)

Lorraine Hodgkinson AHG MRCHM has worked in clinical herbal medicine for more than 20 years utilising both Western and Chinese Herbal medicine approaches. While currently practising part-time whilst pursuing other herbal industry related objectives she ran a busy full time clinical herbal practice in Cumbria from 1993 to 2002. She has also developed automatic total traceability and practice management software for herbal practitioners and is a UK distributor for KPC Chinese Herbal medicine products in the UK. She is a full professional member of the AHG and Register of Chinese Herbal medicine and was a full time member for 19 years of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the UK. She is interested in herbal medicine product development using innovative approaches and recently fulfilled a three month sabbatical working closely in the US herbal practice of Susan Fidler in Tennessee.