Amanda McQuade-Crawford, RH(AHG)

Amanda McQuade-Crawford, M.A. is an herbalist and clinical psychologist practicing in Ojai, serving Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. She is a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern working with Hospice. She also consults for the natural products industry on quality issues. Amanda is the author of three popular books on women’s health, The Natural Menopause Handbook, Herbal Remedies for Women, and The Herbal Menopause Book, and contributed chapters in The HERBAL Guide: Dietary Supplement Resources for the Clinician, Traditional Medicines for Modern Times: Antidiabetic Plants, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health, and The New Menopause Book. Amanda regularly contributes articles and book reviews on natural medicine as an Advisory Board member of the American Botanical Council. She is a founding member of the AHG, was its first Secretary, and served on several councils and boards. Currently she chairs the Advisory Board.