Keynote Presenter: Patrisia Gonzales

2017 Keynote Address: Dr. Patrisia Gonzales

Dr. Patrisia Gonzales is a carrier of her family's Mesoamerican lineage that extends through generations of midwives, herbalists, bonesetters, and traditional healers who performed ceremonial medicine. She apprenticed with traditional Nahua healers in Mexico for three decades. In addition to being a traditional birth attendant, Dr. Gonzales has worked with cancer patients, trauma survivors, and Indigenous peoples in an Indigenous clinic setting. As part of her healing practice, she has created numerous formulas to treat coldness, strengthen deep immunity, calm nervousness, and relieve inflammation and nerve and muscle pain, as well as formulas to remove embedded imbalances, improve the pulse of life, protect vulnerable life force, and medicinal teas for use in prayer.

Dr. Gonzales teaches beginning and advanced courses about Traditional Indigenous Medicine at the University of Arizona and is one of the few scholars with an expertise in Mesoamerican and American Indian traditional medicineways. For more details on her work and courses, visit her website.

She is the author of five books, including Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing (University of Arizona Press, 2012) and an e-book, Traditional Indian Medicine: American Indian Wellness (Kendall Hunt, 2016), which is the first textbook on Traditional Indian Medicine. It includes her curriculum and links to videos, readings, and websites. Learn more here