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Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine

Mission Statement:
Sylvan Institute’s mission is to advance into the future those professions that include clinical botanical medicine as a modality. We at Sylvan Institute aim to deliver high-quality education that integrates the practical applications of medicinal plants from around the world by offering students web-based and hands on course work. Our vision is to educate health care professionals including Chinese medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, Western herbalists, pharmacists, nurses, and anyone else who aims to use plants to alleviate suffering by providing both depth and breadth of information. We’re excited to have an opportunity to access practitioners we’ve long respected and to offer them a means of delivering detailed perspectives and protocols to a larger audience than they might otherwise have the opportunity to deliver as well as finally coaxing some of our favorite herbalists into the spotlight. Thus, this website is a website of herbalists and for herbalists, a venue for us to share information and resources. Included in all of the above, the Institute aims to bring awareness to issues of stewardship of medicinal plants, as well as the cultures from which they come, and educate our readers and listeners about issues of sustainability, conservation, and cultivation.
Since 1995, Benjamin Zappin and Thomas Avery Garran have led students to the mountains and deserts of California teaching them various aspects of plant ecology, preparation, and clinical usage of native medicinal plants. They jointly operated an herbal pharmacy, and collaborated on the second volume of Thomas’ first book, Western Herbs According to Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Practitioners Guide.
Independently, Benjamin and Thomas both got their original training in the United States, both in Western and Chinese herbal medicine.
It is our sincerest desire that the formation of Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine will draw from this shared history and deliver education that will benefit patients and professionals alike. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve humanity by finding ways to bring botanical medicine forward, and thus, we dedicate our efforts in this joint venture to the plants themselves.

School type: Distance learning
E-mail: info@sylvanbotanical.com
Web site: http://www.sylvanbotanical.com/
Address: c/o Five Flavors Herbs 344 40th St.  
Oakland, CA 94609 USA

The Commons

The Commons, located close to downtown Brooklyn, now offers lectures, workshops, and classes in herbal medicine as part of its broader mission of community empowerment. Current offerings include a nine session Introduction to Healing with Herbs, as well as a longer nine-month course in Clinical Herbalism designed for those students with some background in herbal studies and who have a more serious interest. Curriculum includes clinical uses of herbs, materia medica, Traditional Chinese Medicine, field botany, and medicine making. Courses are coordinated by Richard Mandelbaum RH(AHG). The Commons currently also offers classes and workshops in other healing modalities, such as tai chi.
The Commons Brooklyn: Healing ourselves, our communities and our planet.

School type: On-site learning
Phone: 347.689.3908
E-mail: melissa@thecommonsbrooklyn.org
Web site: http://www.thecommonsbrooklyn.org/
Address: 388 Atlantic Avenue  
Brooklyn, NY 11217 USA

The Hermit’s Grove Master Herbalist Program

Master Herbalist Program
Our Master Herbalist Program [MHP] represents the culmination of more than 40 years of Paul Beyerl’s work as herbal author and educator.
Conceived in the 1980s in Minneapolis under a different name, over the years it evolved into our Master Herbalist Program with our 45,000 square foot private botanical garden, with more than a third of our 4,000 book research library directly relevant to the MHP.  The MHP is in-depth with no two students moving at the same pace. As a consequence, it is ideal for the correspondent student but does require self-motivation.
The MHP is a non-profit educational program. Beyerl and all volunteers donate 100% of our labor and time as our gift to the serious student who is committed to a quality herbal education.
There are 100 Units, a pay-as-you-go program, so that the student can afford books, herbs, equipment and time. The MHP covers herbal horticulture, and typical coursework. We also cover anatomy and physiology in ten courses; more than 100 infectious diseases and other conditions, history, ethics and more. To date more than 50% of those who complete the program are RNs.
Although challenging due to its depth, my goal is to bring the most education for the least student expense. The program itself, not counting books, herbs and equipment the student will need, is under $3,000 at $30.00 per unit with some reduced options available.
Information and application: $5.00 which includes the most current description of the program (in detail), an application form, the current edition of The Hermit’s Lantern and a complete catalog. If you live outside North America, please send $6.50 in U.S. funds.

School type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: (425) 828-4124
Fax: (425) 803-2025 (FAX)
E-mail: paul@thehermitsgrove.org
Web site: http://www.thehermitsgrove.org
Address: P O Box 0691  
Kirkland, WA 98033 USA

The Mederi Foundation

Since 2005, the Mederi Foundation has provided clinical training in the ETMS through week-long intensives. The training program educates practitioners about all facets of the ETMS so that they can create personalized patient protocols, and increase their expertise in diagnostics and therapeutics.

Participants have come from throughout the world, and include medical doctors, oncologists, naturopaths,acupuncturists and other health care providers.

School type: On-site learning
Phone: Marigny Goodyear, 541-488-0514
Fax: 541-488-0417 (FAX)
E-mail: info@mederifoundation.org
Web site: http://mederifoundation.org/?page_id=511
Address: 127 Clear Creek Drive  
Ashland, OR 97520 USA

The Philo School of Herbal Energetics

At the Philo School of Herbal Energetics, we teach herbal medicine. From seed to harvest to producing tinctures, salves, hydrosols, and other products, students experience every stage of the herbal medicine process. Get out of the classroom and into the dirt! If you want to gain real-world understanding of effective and natural herbal medicines, join us for Herbal Energetics classes and internships. Grow it, know it!
Located on 16 acres of enchanted land with large medicinal gardens and overseen by redwood forests, here you can experience learning to grow herbs as well as use them. We are two and one half hours north of San Francisco and one half an hour east of the Pacific Ocean. It is an ideal climate for many many herbs - we have over three hundred diverse medicinal plants here.

School type: On-site learning
Phone: 707-895-3007
E-mail: mpatpalm@herbalenergetics.com
Web site: http://www.herbalenergetics.com
Address: 2400 Highway 128  
Philo, CA 95466 USA

The School of Modern Herbal Medicine

We provide coursework designed to help people sell commercial herb products in a professional and credible way. Our curriculum includes courses in health assessment, herbalism, aromatherapy and nutrition. We have both correspondence courses and certified instructors who can teach our courses on location.

School type: Distance learning
Phone: (888) 707-4372
Fax: (435) 627-2367 (FAX)
E-mail: treelite@treelite.com
Web site: http://www.treelite.com
Address: P.O. Box 911239  
St. George, UT 84791 USA

The School of Natural Healing

Founded in 1953 by the legendary Dr. John R. Christopher, and currently directed by David Christopher M.H., A.H.G., The School of Natural Healing’s Master Herbalist Program provides quality distant learning. Students can enjoy classes taught by world renowned experts via DVDs, CDs, books and study guides. The School provides a well rounded curriculum, including botany, anatomy, nutrition, formulary, pharmacognosy, and herbal chemistry with an emphasis on practicum. The Master Herbalist program prepares students to serve effectively in their communities. Help us in our goal to have an herbalist in every home and a Master Herbalist in every community.

School type: Distance learning
Phone: (800) 372-8255
E-mail: studentadvisor@snh.cc
Web site: http://www.snh.cc/
Address: PO Box 412  
Springville, UT 84062 USA

The School of Natural Healing Hong Kong

The only college provides Certiifcate, Diploma, and degree program in holistic natural healing filed and all kinds of indiviual courses in all modalities of natural medicine in Asia.

School type: On-site learning
Phone: 852-64886838
E-mail: healthforu@gmail.com
Web site: http://health4u.hk
Address: 6/f Foon Shing Building   732 nathan Road
Mong Kok, Hong Kong Hong Kong

Thyme Herbal

Thyme Herbal offers a variety of Apprenticeship programs and workshops on topics related to herbal medicine, cooking, nutrition and homesteading. Herbalist, Brittany Wood Nickerson weaves her unique training in Western Herbalism, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, cooking, nutrition and plant spirit healing into curriculums that are engaging, diverse, detailed and empowering. Thyme Herbal offers an educational path for those interested in learning about herbal medicine for personal development and home use as well as for those working to support career goals in the healing arts. Brittany also teaches Herbal Approaches to Women’s Health at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Program Offerings:


An introduction to the practice of using medicinal herbs and whole foods to heal yourself and others.

This apprenticeship is designed to introduce you to the world of Western herbalism and give you the tools to be an effective and empowered home herbalist. You will meet the plants in their environment and learn the art of herbal medicine as it relates to your own health and the earth.

Topics Include: Medicine Making, Plant Identification, Harvesting, Drying, Storing, Body System Therapeutics (For the Nervous, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune Systems and Skin), Nutrient-dense Foods and Food Preparation, Seasonal Eating, and Fermentation.


A unique opportunity to study herbal medicine remotely, in community with others!

Topics Include: Medicine Making, Harvesting, Wildcrafting, Drying, Storing, Body System Therapeutics (For the Nervous, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune Systems and Skin), Nutrient-dense Foods and Food Preparation, Herbal First Aid, Seasonal Cooking and Self-care, Seasonal and Elemental Energetics.

The Class Includes: 8 Instructional Videos, Over 20 Recorded Audio Lessons, Handouts and Recipes, At-Home Activities, Reading Assignments from Assigned Texts, Class Message/Discussion Board, Monthly Discussion Groups.


Venture deeper into the world of medicinal plants, the body and healing.

This course is open to those who have taken the Art of Home Herbalism or have completed a comparable course of study with another herbalist. The class will expand on, broaden and deepen existing skills and knowledge as well as introduce new concepts aimed at community applications of herbal medicine. Emphasis will be placed on applying skills outside of class and sharing these experiences as a platform for group learning.

Topics Include: Therapeutics of the Respiratory, Immune, Urinary, Cardiovascular and Female & Male Reproductive Systems, Introduction to Ayurveda as a form of Diagnosis and Treatment, Advanced Medicine Making, Independent Materia Medica Development, Building Personal Relationships to Plants, Herbal Formulary and Therapeutic Applications of Plant Medicine.


Clinical applications of herbal medicine – exploring the art of intake, diagnosis and treatment.

For the advanced and committed student, this course is designed to help take your knowledge to the next level, create practical experience and deepen your understanding of how to implement herbal medicine. Through lecture, group discussion and in-class client intakes we will explore how to make meaning from presented information/observations and the many different ways to create effective and sustainable treatment protocols.

Topics Include: Continued study of Ayurveda as a form of Assessment and Healing, Holistic Mind/Body Approaches to Assessing Imbalances and Healing, Progression of Disease and Processes of Healing, Herbal Support for Chronic Conditions, Intake Development, Reading the Tongue, Determining the Most Effective Healing Protocol, Making Appropriate Referrals, Herbal Formulary, Food as Medicine, Materia Medica Development.

School type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: (413) 549 - 1415
E-mail: brittany@thymeherbal.com
Web site: http://www.ThymeHerbal.com
Address: 599 South Pleasant St.  
Amherst, MA 01002 USA

Tree of Dreams Sanctuary

Tree of Dreams Sanctuary is a multi-faceted community resource and educational center dedicated to community and individual healing, education, personal growth and the preservation of medicinal plants. Located in the beautiful hills of Shutesbury, MA, our budding homestead includes medicinal plant gardens, a plethora of native and wild medicinals, hiking trails, meditation gardens, and community learning spaces. The vision of Tree of Dreams Sanctuary is to create a community space focused on healing, education and the preservation of the Wise Woman Ways of herbal healing. Community events, fire circles, drum circles, workshops, work-learn days, classes, apprenticeships, and our ever-evolving medicinal plant gardens provide the foundation for the work that we will do here. What evolves from that depends on YOU!

The path of the healer is a choice, to live in communion with the wisdom that surrounds us. By embarking on this journey, we are making the choice to re-member that which we already posses. Together we will deepen our commitment to being the keepers, sharers and teachers of these sacred medicines and age-old wisdom. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for...

AWAKEN TO THE PATH: Apprenticeship Program

The Awaken to the Path program is an invitation to step deeply into the sacred journey of being and becoming that is awakened as we open to the great mysteries and healing arts. Through a spiritual, intellectual and experiential exploration of the sacred plant medicines and traditional modalities of hands on healing, we are each brought deeper into our relationship with ourselves, our community and our healing path. This course is grounded in a foundation of shamanic herbalism, plant spirit medicine, hands on shamanic healing, Reiki and deep personal transformation.

Topics Include:
*Shamanic Herbalism
*Plant spirit medicine
*Medicine making
*Ethical wildcrafting
*Herbal allies
*Materia medicas
*Garden work and plant cultivation
*Reiki I and II
*Munay-ki rites of shamanic initation
*Chakra study
*Ceremony, ritual and deep personal healing


The Thirteen Moons: Sacred Wombyn's Health program is a year long apprenticeship program in the sacred cycles of women's health. Through ceremony, sacred circles, group discussion and hands on exploration we will encounter the herbal allies of the women's materia medica, explore the natural cycles of women's health and engage in the shamanic journey towards health and healing. The Thirteen Moons program follows the Wisdom Way path of healing incorporating deep shamanic relationship with the plant spirits and their medicine, the clinical use of herbs, the Munay-Ki rites of initiation, hands on healing, deep ceremony and profound personal healing.

This journey takes us into the depths of our personal relationship with our sacred, sexual and divine feminine self. It is a journey of healing our personal relationship with our sacred cycles, exploring a deeper understanding of our sacred feminine body and cultivating a deep and profound relationship with the allies of the women's materia medica. In addition to cultivating personal healing rituals, ceremony and deep relationship we will also cultivate the capacity to support our sisters, friends, loved ones and community.

OTHER COURSES include: Therapeutic and Clinical Herbalism, Clinical Mentorship Program, The Childbearing Year, Clinical Herbalism for the Menstruating Years and Times of Transition: Clinical Herbalism for Menarche and Menopause

School type: On-site learning, Distance learning
Phone: 413 253-7408
E-mail: kristen@windyroots.com
Web site: http://www.windyroots.com
Address: 38 Baker Rd  
Shutesbury, MA 01072 USA


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