JAHG Special Digital Anniversary Edition!

JAHG goes digital with this very special AHG 25 Year  Anniversary Edition!

Download your digital edition of the JAHG HERE

We are thrilled to publish the first ever digital issue of the JAHG! In another first, this issue is available to the public as well as to our membership and subscribers. In addition to the usual excellent fare focused on clinical applications of botanical medicines, you'll find several engaging pieces about the founding and future of the AHG, and lessons we can glean from the history of herbalism in general. Plus, don't miss our media reviews on the best smartphone apps and online resources for clinical herbalists!

Call for article submissions Students and professional herbalists: The JAHG continues to seek content to inspire and educate our members. Share your experience and scholarship with your peers by submitting original research, case studies, treatment approaches for discrete conditions, or monographs. There's still time to submit for the special issue on medicinal mushrooms, due out this September.

Please consult the JAHG Writers Guidelines and prepare your article for submission by July 15. Our final issue for 2014 is unthemed and will hit mailboxes in December. Please submit by October 15. Questions? Contact the editor, Anne de Courtenay, at editor@americanherbalistsguild.com

Special Issue on Lyme Disease JAHG Volume 11, No. 2, a special issue on herbal treatment for Lyme disease, was very well received and sought after by practitioners, advocates and patients outside of our membership. Print copies are still available for purchase -- contact office@americanherbalistsguild.com for details.

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