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Advanced Practical Herbal Internship/Herbal Clinic Opportunity

I offer a free advanced practical herbal internship for those studying to become a professional herbalist. This is a work-study program and exposes students to all aspects of herbalism. I am a mentor for students working to acquire hours in an effort to qualify for the American Herbalist Guild's professional herbalist certificate and have in-clinic hours available. I have over 34 years of experience as a professional herbalist. I do not accept beginner herbalists; you should have some type of training or certificate before entering the advanced internship.

Clinic opportunity: Our non-residential cancer cleanse retreat is specifically designed to assist those who have completed conventional cancer treatments the opportunity to hit the “reset button” in an effort to insure a full recovery and an ongoing vibrant life. Located on a picturesque organic herb farm, the peaceful pastoral setting allows for both physical and emotional healing.

Catherine Browne, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., RH (AHG), Doctoral Fellow (DAOM)


Date Posted:Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 12:42pm

Apprentice Couple for Herb Farm Management

Start date: Early May 2017
Minimum Age Requirement: 21
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Four Elements Needs:
1. A couple willing to labor from spring through fall planting, weeding, harvesting, recordkeeping and storing up to 3,000 pounds dried herbs.
2. Folks who can hold a joyful attitude, in deep gratitude for the abundance, healing, beauty and love that comes from Nature.
3. Clear communication skills, willingness to work independently and in a team setting, conscientious, focused, dedicated, honest with themselves and me regarding this multi-dimensional project.
4. Someone who is a problem solver and able to improvise when necessary and have an open mind.

What you will receive:
1. Intimate knowledge of working with 150 species of medicinal plants.
2. Organic farm skills, record keeping, farming practices, harvest systems, post harvest handling. storage of medicinal plants and experience implementing farm tours.
3. Propagation, planting, cultivation and harvest techniques of medicinal plants
4. A rural, clean, organic lifestyle set in the pristine, beautiful and highly esteemed Baraboo Bluffs because of its unique natural characteristics.
Other local organizations include the Aldo Leopold Foundation, the Crane Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesan.
5. Housing on the farm, in peak season intern will receive a box of produce weekly from the garden including vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, beautiful surroundings, QUIET, fresh air, great hiking, birding, star gazing and canoeing available.
6. Financial compensation is available

Certified organic medicinal herb farm, located in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of Wisconsin is looking for a couple interested in medicinal herb production. The farm has been established for 25 years and is currently run by herbalist Jane Hawley Stevens.
The farm is located one hour from Madison on 130 acres including about 3 acres under intense production of medicinal herbs.  A formal garden based on the Chakra system has been established for education, beauty and good vibes.
Herbs are also collected from the fields, meadows and 40-acre woods.
The farm has a highly functioning infrastructure with a greenhouse, drying shed, commercial kitchen and bathroom.
I am offering a one to two year apprenticeship with a possible three-year lease and complete takeover of field production for Four Elements Organic Herbals after that.
Pay scale adjusted to work load and accommodations.

Please send inquiries, resume and three references to Janehawleystevens@gmail.com.
Check www.fourelemenetsherbals.com for more information.

Date Posted:Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 12:37pm

Retail Account Manager

Mayway Corporation is seeking a hardworking, dynamic Retail Account Manager. Mayway is located in Oakland, CA and is a leading importer and distributor of Chinese herbs and herbal products with established professional lines and an emerging consumer product line.  The Retail Account Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining retail customer relationships and sales goals to meet company objectives. He or she will support any outside sales staff, brand ambassadors, and brokers in facilitating sales.  The Retail Account Manager will conduct product trainings, attend tradeshows and industry functions, actively seek new business, and oversee and train sales representatives. 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Outreach to current retail partners to optimize product selection, co-market and increase sales
• Receive and process sales orders
• Research and develop new retail partners and introduce product lines
• Maintain CRM and follow up with new accounts after initial orders, major accounts quarterly
• Help establish company policy for retail accounts (free fills, discounts, returns)
• Negotiate initial discounts and ongoing discounts with retail chains
• Educate and train retail clients in person or through webinar
• Work with Marketing Team and management to develop retail marketing and promotional policies including sample programs and seasonal specials
• Help implement marketing initiatives geared toward retailers via scheduling, customer communications, ordering, ideas and content suggestions
• Maintain Retailer-oriented areas of company website and newsletter
• Follow up with leads after Retail trade shows and store visits
• Visit local area stores, conduct in-store demos, staff local sampling events
• Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing industry publications, establishing networks, and participating in industry groups

• 5 years of experience in a sales management leadership role
• Experience in building customer relationships
• Sales and/or marketing experience in the Natural Foods or Dietary Supplement industry a plus
• Ability to work well within a team
• Ability to organize and handle many details in a medium paced environment
• Ability to motivate and train others
• Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
• Professional and pleasant manner
• Competent working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook
• An understanding of P/L, developing budgets
• Must reside in the Bay Area or be willing to relocate
• Must be available to travel and work on weekends

Reporting Responsibility:  Works under the direction of the President

Please email resumes to hr@mayway.com

Date Posted:Monday, September 19, 2016 - 6:32pm

Chief Herbalist at Great Cape Herbs

GREAT CAPE HERBS of Brewster (Cape Cod), Ma. is seeking a  professional Herbalist with a minimum of five years of consultation experience.

Great Cape is an old and well-established Herbal Apothecary and organic, medicinal herb farm in the heart of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The farm was begun in May of 1973, and the Herbal Apothecary was established on the Summer Solstice of 1991. The land is a magical 15 acres of fertile soil, various ecosystems, and perhaps the most diverse and plentiful plant, bird, and animal life in the East. We have medicinal plants, a hop yard, a vineyard, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple trees, 15 or so chickens, two adult goats and four doe babies just born (!), and pasture for either  future animals, or for expanded gardens.

Great Cape is owned, operated and pampered by me, Stephan Brown, farmer and Village Herbalist. It is time for me to retire from business, do some traveling/writing/reading, but still carry on the work of the Plants. I wish to plan for a graceful succession, and pass the Green Torch on to the next generation of Earth Caretakers, and People caretakers.

Great Cape needs a "Plant Person" who has had business experience in running a retail shop and in making herbal products. He/She must have enthusiasm-beyond-reason, love sand between the toes (!), and face work and "challenges" with defiant laughter! 

You LIKE dirt beneath your fingernails, and you garden WITHOUT gloves. You know ragweed from mugwort, and chickweed from cleavers….

You do not let others plan your day, and you do not collect a weekly pay check whether you were productive or not. You want to "make a difference" and expand this herbal business:  you want to carry the voice and the healing of The Green Nations to as many people as possible.

Being the Chief Herbalist at Great Cape Herbs will entail some of the following :

--Ordering from many suppliers; simple data entry into Quickbooks; keeping track of inventory; keeping the shop clean and organized...

--Herbal Product work
Making and pressing tinctures; blending and bagging teas; making and jarring or bottling salves and oils; keeping shelves stocked; gathering and drying herbs; making herbal vinegars, honey's, elixirs, etc

--YOU are an organizer; can keep a shop clean and tidy; have a "chronic" desire to learn about medicines and good nutrition, as we are also planning to build an "integrative health center" in the very near future.

You MUST be able to communicate CLEARLY and concisely in the English language without using todays common "crutch words" such as-- "like", "ya know", "whatever", "ya know what I mean", etc.
Quite simply, I expect that you will be able to collect and organize your thoughts so that you can use words VERBALLY the way that they are used when WRITTEN !

A rewarding life of "living gratefully" , doing the work of the plants, helping others, and even making some money :))   We will talk about financial arrangements.

All herbal products made by Great Cape will be available to you at 40% off retail price.
You may have a share of fresh fruits and veggies grown or wildcrafted on the farm, as well as an allotment of fresh eggs from our 'pastured' chicks.


My original vision for Great Cape some 21 years ago, was to open small Herbal Apothecaries around New England. It is still possible with the right people and the right energy and enthusiasm. I have evolved a solid infrastructure that will allow for expansion. But it is time to pass the torch.
I am hoping to semi-retire by September and spend less time in the shop, and more time following other interests. The Great Cape Herbs business MAY become available for purchase if the Universe provides the right person or group of people. I am enthusiastic about evolving a co-operatively owned, or employee-owned business.
I feel that we have a responsibility to the community for the rare, health service that we offer, and I would like to have that tradition carried on.
Please note that my newest tenants will be opening a vegetarian restaurant and nutrition counseling business, as well as a small yoga studio.

You may send your resume, including your vision of the future and your goals, either via email, or by the post.  If this opportunity is not possible for you right now, perhaps you know someone that would be 'the right herbalist' to serve the People of Cape Cod and beyond ?

We subscribe to the guiding principals of the Transition Town movement, which basically means building community resilience for the changes that are now happening worldwide, including "food and medicine security".  To learn more go to  www.transitionus.org   or search Ted Talks for Transition Towns and or Rob Hopkins. 

ginkgo@greatcape.com;   or P.O. Box 1206, Brewster, Ma. 02631

Phone: (508) 896-5900
Date Posted:Friday, June 24, 2016 - 9:52am
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