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Welcome to the AHG Calendar of Herbal Events.  If you have an event that you think would be of interest to our members and those who visit this website, send a description and contact information to specialprojects@americanherbalistsguild.com

One Year Herbal Apprenticeship: September 2015 - June 2016
September 23, 2015 to June 2, 2016

One Year Herbal Apprenticeship: September 2015 - June 2016
A wonderful gathering together and commitment to deepening our connection with the plants.

Together we will explore:
* making tinctures, oils, salves, infusions, decoctions and flower essences
* tastes of the plants and actions they impart in the body
* systems of the body and how to strengthen them with plant medicine
* herbal formulation and plant identification
* spiritual relationship with the plants through journeying and dreaming

Our apprenticeship will hold the container for our discoveries. 

Classes are held during the week, one day per month for ten months, from September 2015 through June 2016.
The location is in a beautiful barn in Portland, Maine accessible by the #3 and #6 bus lines, walking distance to the Presumpscot River.
The maximum number of students is 12.  Babes in arms are welcome!
The cost of the full apprenticeship is $900.  A $200 deposit holds your place. 
If paid in full by August 10, the cost for the year is $800. Payment plans are available.

Two apprenticeships will run concurrently:
Wednesdays from 9:00am - 3:30pm
Thursdays from 3:00pm - 9:30pm.

Dates for the Wednesday apprenticeship: Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 9, Jan 6, Feb 3, March 2, April 13, May 4, June 1
Dates for the Thursday evening apprenticeship: Sept 24, Oct 29, Nov 19, Dec 10, Jan 7, Feb 4, March 3, April 14, May 5, June 2

Please contact Mischa with an email of interest, describing what you hope to learn about yourself and the plants during our time together, or call her for more information.

Mischa Schuler 207-274-3242

Maine Herbalist Gathering!
Saturday, October 17 from 9:00 - 5:00 at Viles Arboretum in Augusta

Community Herbalist
Portland, Maine
+(1) 207.274.3242

Phone: (207) 274-3242
For more information, visit: http://www.WildCarrotHerbs.com
Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium, Black Mountain, NC
June 3, 2016 to June 6, 2016

June 3 - 6: 
Topics include:

Maintaining the microbiome in infants and children
Common botanicals to eliminate daily toxicant damage
Food allergy, endocrine imbalance and inappropriate weight gain
Rebuilding damaged intestinal walls and treating gut permeability
Integration of botanical medicines with conventional pharmaceuticals: increased or decreased safety and efficacy?
Chronic kidney disease: botanical solutions
Worst weeds are your best medicine
Plant walks, medicine-making demonstrations, panel discussions
Pre-conference intensives June 3: The Digestive System and Neurological Health--Healing the Gut-Brain Axis with Botanical Medicine with Jason Miller. Ethnobotanical Field Study with David Winston. Herbal experts also include : Juliet Blankespoor, Theresa Boardwine, Mary Bove, Chanchal Cabrera, Walter Crinnion, Doug Elliott, Christopher Hobbs, Robin McGee, Kenneth Proefrock, Vickie Shufer, Jill Stansbury, Roy Upton and Marc W illiams. Early bird registration April 14.  Info 541-482-3016 or www.botanicalmedicine.org.

Phone: (541) 482-3016
For more information, visit: http://www.botanicalmedicine.org
2-Week Herbal Intensive on Martha’s Vineyard
Offered by: The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, with herbalist Holly Bellebuono
June 13, 2016 to June 24, 2016

Join us in June for a delightful and rewarding 2-week training and certification intensive and become a Certified Community Herbalist! This fantastic learning opportunity on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard teaches Holly Bellebuono's herbal curriculum in a dynamic small-group setting for an engaging exploration of all herbal medicine has to offer. In a casual and supportive environment, we study plant ID, harvesting, processing, apothecary, case studies, jurisprudence, and more--with an emphasis on herbal formulary taught by multiple-award-winning herbalist, author, and empowerment speaker Holly Bellebuono.

Organized by body system, the 2-Week Intensive also includes hands-on experience harvesting and processing a variety of folk remedies. Students participate in herb walks, field trips, garden and arboreta excursions around the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, as well as kitchen processing, pharmacology and physiology based on the body's primary systems (respiratory, reproductive, digestive, etc.), the heritage and folklore of healing, the philosophy of healers from around the world, and more. Ideal if you want to deepen your understanding of herbs and how they work in the body and learn how to apply formulary in family and community settings.

Credential: successful completion confers a Community Herbalist Certificate.

Level: Intermediate. The pre-requisite is experience/education in either plants (gardening, farming, botany, etc.) OR healthcare (nursing, midwifery, herbalism, etc.). Though this is not a clinical program, it is not a beginner program, either.

Early Bird Tuition: $2,295 (until March 1). Normal Tuition: $2,495 (until June 10).

Housing: Housing is available at $400 per week at the Herbal HQ, the charming house where all of our classes will take place, in walking distance to a private beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

What is Martha's Vineyard? Our magical little isle is a truly gorgeous, windswept, sea-embraced island off the coast of Cape Cod; we are blessed with lots of farms and local farmers who are very involved in the community, as well as five small towns and fishing villages, art, culture, history, woodland trails, beautiful beaches, and a safe and friendly family environment. People here are interested in world culture and devoted to local living; it's a place where herbal medicine fits into the fabric of self-sufficiency and Earth appreciation nicely, and we're only a hop-skip-and-jump from Boston and it's history and walking tours.

Phone: (508) 687-9600
For more information, visit: http://www.vineyardherbs.com/training.html
Offered by: ACHS
June 13, 2016 to June 18, 2016


6 days & 5 nights ... upcoming study abroad program in Greece. I'm excited to tell you more and help you join us on this Mediterranean learning adventure!


1. How much does the trip cost? This 6-day, 5-night immersion workshop is $2,900 when you book before March 25, 2016 (pricing based on double occupancy).

2. What does the pricing include? Pricing includes all meals prepared with delicious Mediterranean ingredients; all accommodations; land transportation once you arrive on Syros, Greece; optional daily yoga; and cultural tours and field trips.

3. What other costs should I anticipate? Airfare to Athens and travel (via short ferry or weekly flight) to Syros, at least two nights' hotel accommodations (one night in Athens or on Syros before start of study tour and one night in Athens on outbound travel depending on final destination), travel insurance (required), and optional incidentals such as souvenirs.

4. How do I get from Athens to Syros? Students will travel first to Athens. From Athens, there are daily ferries (about two hours on the fast ferry) to Syros. There are also flights that go 1-2 days per week. The ferry is prety easy to navigate and what ACHS staff use when traveling. We can help you with the specifics :) To get an idea of airfare costs, look for flights to Athens :)

5. What if I want my own room? A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional fee of $750.

6. What if I want to bring a friend? ACHS study abroad programs are open to the public. You don't have to be an ACHS student or graduate to attend. So, grab your husband, wife, kids (over 18 only please), or your BFFs, and share this incredible experience!

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to learn more and find out how you can join us on this exciting adventure?

Phone: (971) 279-7745
NHHN Herb & Garden Day
When: June 18, 2016

Enjoy a fun day of gardening, herbal workshops, and products! Herbal educators and seasoned growers from all walks of life come together to share their unique knowledge and build upon a tapestry of age old wisdom about herbs and natural medicine, native plants, organic gardening, permaculture, traditional homesteading practices, beekeeping, brewing, and the power of nature to heal.

If you are a curious seeker, intrepid plant lover, herbal entrepreneur, earth lover, or natural health advocate, this event is for YOU!l Enjoy our Herbal Market Fair filled with plants, handmade soaps, herbal remedies, natural body care, herb books, artwork, jewelry, and more! We’ll also have delicious food from local and organic growers.


The day will run 9-5. We hope to see you there!

Herb Camp for Kids
Offered by: Centro Ashé
July 1, 2016 to July 22, 2016

Centro Ashé invites youth ages 7-11 to join us for this hands on class that includes explorations of various medicinal plants, plant identification and field walks on the farm, herbal activities including medicine making, herbal gardening, arts and crafts and more! This is a wonderful opportunity for kids and parents alike to connect with local plants!

We ask kids below the age of 8 to have a chaperone during class. Each child should come prepared for weather and the outdoors, and bring a water bottle and snack if needed.

Dates: July 1, 8, 15, 22, 2016
Time: 9 am to 12 noon
Price: $ 108 per child for four classes including all materials ($ 78 for additional children in immediate family)

Location: Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD

- Rebecca Cecere Seward (Prickly Pear Produce): babysitter, lifeguard, vegetable grower, and plant educator. She is looking forward to share some plant knowledge and wonder with herbal kids!
- Molly Meehan (Centro Ashé Herbs & Education): herbalist, gardener, and plant and people lover. Keeping the knowledge of our food, herbal medicine, seeds, and our healing traditions alive and vital within our communities, is her passion. Molly has worked extensively at kids camps and providing kids programming throughout her career.

Space is limited, we encourage you to sign up soon!

To register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/herb-camp-for-kids.html

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Grassroots Herbal Apprenticeship Program Year 1
Offered by: Centro Ashé
July 9, 2016 to October 30, 2016

Centro Ashé is dedicated to putting herbal medicine in the hands of the people. Explore folk herbalism from various traditions and understand nature’s ability to support our health, strength, and vitality in our Herbal Apprenticeship Program. It includes herbal fundamentals, North American and Mid-Atlantic medicinal plants (and others), practical and therapeutic applications of herbs, herbal preparations and medicine making, harvesting and wild crafting plants, permaculture and herbal gardening, herbal energetics and more. A strong sense of social, racial, healthy, economic and environmental justice is integral to our program.

- Herbal Healing Traditions
- Kitchen Herbalism
- Social, Environmental and Economic Justice in Herbalism and Healthcare
- Medicinal Plants and Plant Walks!
- Fermentation
- Nourishing Herbs
- Herbal Gardening & Permaculture
- Herbal Therapeutics
- Flower Essences
- Doctrine of Signatures
- Herbal Actions, Tastes, & Energetics
- Botany & Herbal Plant ID
- Herbal Medicine Making
- Herbal Body Care
- Nutritional Healing
- Herbal First Aid
- Grassroots Herbalism and Social Change
- Intro to the Herbal Apothecary
- Introduction to Ayurveda
​- And more!

The Grassroots Herbal Apprenticeship Program is:
- For individuals with an interest in herbal and nutritional wellness and self care. 
- Focused on empowering participants with basic knowledge and information on holistic health and self care.
- Taught by skilled herbalists in areas of holistic health, herbs, nutrition, energy healing and more.
- Designed to give you practical skills as well as basic theoretical background on how to incorporate holistic wellness into your life, how to incorporate herbs into your diet and how to make basic herbal remedies.
- A great way to gain a better understanding of herbs and medicinal plants, to refine your knowledge moving from a more mechanistic approach of "this  herb is for this issue" instead toward looking at patterns, interrelationships, and systems of the body and their relationship with herbs, a more holistic view.

- Molly Meehan of Centro Ashé
- Ayo Ngozi, Clinical Herbalist
- Karen Culpeper
- Holly Poole Kavana of Little Red Bird Botanicals
- Suzanna Stone

July 9-10, August 6-7, September 17-18, October 1-2, October 29-30, 2016

Herbalists who complete our program receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion which documents the amount of hours of our program as well as the subject matter. Our first year program is geared towards beginners, in the second year we lay a more firm foundation and in depth knowledge.

Program takes place at Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD.

For prices, partial work trade options and to register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/maryland-herbal-school--centro-asheacute-grass...

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Herbal First Aid Class
Offered by: Centro Ashé
When: July 17, 2016

Join Centro Ashé for this class learning about all things herbal first aid! We will go through and learn herbal strategies for various common first aid needs including everything from bumps and bruises to vomiting and nausea and so much more! We will teach you how to assemble your very own herbal first aid kid, and teach you practical applications, dosing and considerations. You'll leave feeling prepared to create a kit to have around the house or perfect for packing on your next adventure!

Time: 12 noon - 4 pm
Price: $ 30 per person

Location: Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD

To register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/herbal-first-aid-workshop-at-centro-asheacute....

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Offered by: Centro Ashé
August 13, 2016 to October 10, 2016

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course is a training program that utilizes the teachings of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Design System based on the study of nature and design systems implemented by indigenous and land based communities over thousands of years. The goal is to achieve a basic working understanding in ecologically-based planning, site design and management. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Permaculture principles, applications and design practices.

Key skills and proficiencies learned include: composting, soil management, animal systems, natural building, implementation planning, concept and detail drawings, botany, propagation, food forests and orchards, native plants, integrated pest and weed management, planning food security, small crop production, storing and preserving crops, wild foods and restoration ecology, seed saving, biochar, and much more!

Who should take this course: everyone! Urban and rural homesteaders, gardeners, farmers, those interested in integrating permaculture into their careers, real estate, construction and development professionals, teachers and educators, planners and public officials, and all those interested in more sustainable holistic system designs.

Teacher of this PDC course is Eric Kelly, a lifelong, avid naturalist and outdoorsman, and certified Permaculture designer and PDC course instructor. He is the founder of Charm City Farms, LLC, an initiative in Baltimore to turn unused urban spaces and vacant lots into productive, food bearing gardens which both serve and engage local communities while bridging food gaps. Eric also founded Foragers of Baltimore, and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills, through which he regularly teaches a variety of local workshops and classes.

Dates: August 13-15, September 3-5, October 8-10, 2016

Location: Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD

For prices, work trade options and to register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/maryland-permaculture-design-course.html

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Growing Herbs for Medicine and for Sale
Offered by: Centro Ashé
When: August 20, 2016

Habanera Farm sits on 21 acres on the eastern shore of Maryland, just minutes from the Whitehaven Ferry and the Wicomico River. Experience what it is to be part of the land and join us on a tour on this working medicinal plant farm and their processing facility used to produce incredible medicinal teas. We will explore herbal farming and what being a production oriented medicinal plant grower entails in the state of Maryland. Habanera Farm is the first licensed herbal tea processor and producer in Maryland and has been growing and blending since 2007. It added the nation’s first solar thermal herb dryer in 2011 to produce the teas in an energy efficient and responsible way.

Time: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
Price: $ 55 per person

Location: Habanera Farm, Tyaskin, MD

From DC area we will carpool from location in Annapolis leaving at 7.00 am. Send us an email if you like to carpool.

To register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/growing-herbs-for-medicine--for-sale.html

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Foraging and Wildcrafting Food, Medicine, Herbs
Offered by: Centro Ashé
When: August 21, 2016

During this practical class we will explore our wild plant ID, foraging basics for food and medicine, processing for safety and/or flavor and/or digestion, some do's and don’ts, mushroom hunting (depending on rainfall), plants for material and other uses, and so much more! This class will meet at Centro Ashé Farm and we will visit various local parks throughout the day.

Your teacher for this day is Eric Kelly, a lifelong, avid naturalist and outdoorsman, and certified Permaculture designer and Permaculture Design Course instructor. He is the founder of Charm City Farms, LLC, an initiative in Baltimore to turn unused urban spaces and vacant lots into productive, food bearing gardens which both serve and engage local communities while bridging food gaps. Eric also founded Foragers of Baltimore, and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills, through which he regularly teaches a variety of local workshops and classes.

Time: 9 am to 4.30 pm
Price: $ 55 per person

Location: Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD

To register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/foraging--wildcrafting-for-food--medicine-work...

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
MidAmerica Herbal Symposium
September 16, 2016 to September 18, 2016

Explore the plants of Southeastern Minnesota at the
MidAmerica Herbal Symposium
The Midwest’s best herb gathering…

September 16, 17, 18, 2016 @ picturesque Whitewater State Park

Herbal Practitioners like Phyllis D Light, Christopher Hobbs, Julia Hoffman Graves, and David Christopher will share with you their knowledge and use of the plants through their many decades of clinical experience.
Other local Midwest Herbal Clinicians will be gifting you with more plant wisdom.
Registration is open and space is limited.  Enjoy September in Minnesota!

Phone: (507) 474-9970
For more information, visit: http://www.midamericasymposium.com
Chesapeake Herb Gathering
Offered by: Centro Ashé
September 24, 2016 to September 25, 2016

The Chesapeake Herb Gathering is an annual event organized by Centro Ashé bringing together intergenerational herbal, land-based, and healing communities to celebrate our stories, our knowledge, our culture and traditions.

Enjoy a weekend of workshops, plant walks, youth activities, community artwork, social justice, artisans market, campfire, and community connections with local herbalists, teachers, clinicians, healers, botanists, farmers, birth keepers, medicine makers, rootworkers, artists, homesteaders, community organizations and much more! This is a family friendly event so bring the youth and elders!

Location: Piscataway Indian Cultural Center, Waldorf, MD

To register, visit:

For more information, visit: http://www.chesapeakeherbgathering.com
Intro to Herbal Medicine Series
Offered by: Centro Ashé
October 5, 2016 to October 19, 2016

This three part series will include a foundational background in herbalism and medicinal herbal preparations including tinctures, oils, salves and more! We'll explore how to incorporate herbal medicine in our daily lives. We will go through folk medicine making techniques and students will have an opportunity to learn how to create their own herbal medicine. In this fun class you will use simple recipes to make home and body products that are good for your health, good for the earth, and great for your budget. Best of all - they will be easy to follow and simple to make at home! This is a great class to take before holiday season comes around for awesome and wholesome handmade gifts.

Dates: October 5, 12, 19, 2016
Time: 5.30 to 7.30 pm
Price: $ 75 for three classes
Instructor: Molly Meehan

Location: Emergence Community Arts Collective, Washington, DC

To register, visit:

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
Herbal Medicine Making Workshop
Offered by: Centro Ashé
When: October 16, 2016

This class will be a hands on day including a herbal plant walk around the farm, a foundational background in herbalism and medicinal herbal preparations including tincture making as well as medicine making, medicinal oil and salves. We will go through folk medicine making techniques and students will have an opportunity to create their own medicine. Each student will leave with their own tincture and salve, an incredible beginning to a herbal medicine kit!

Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Price: $ 55
Instructor: Molly Meehan

Location: Centro Ashé Farm, Bryans Road, MD

To register, visit: http://www.centroashe.org/herbal-medicine-making-workshop-at-centro-ashe...

For more information, visit: http://www.centroashe.org
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