AHG Community Service Award

AHG Community Service Award
Herbalists Making A Difference!

The American Herbalists Guild Community Service Award was established to support individuals, projects or groups that are making outstanding contributions and lasting impact in the field of community herbalism through their knowledge, skills, and or services on behalf of others on a local or national level.

Congratulations to the 2014 Community Service Award Winners:

Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic
Eugene, Oregon


What began as a temporary first aid tent along the Occupy Eugene movement in October 2011, morphed into the Occupy Medical clinic. Open every Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., when volunteers gather at their mobile clinic to make a difference by offering free healthcare in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

With around 30 volunteers, including ten nurses, three doctors, three herbalists, four mental health support team and a pharmacy team, Occupy Medical provides 100 percent free treatment. If the volunteers can’t offer the service needed, they also go “behind the scenes” in other organizations to help people.

Visitors to the Occupy Eugene Medical treatment are assessed and then taken to a treatment station where they can choose from pharmaceuticals, herbal treatment, nutritional support or homeopathic aid. People come to the clinic for everything from ear infections to more serious conditions.

The volunteers of Occupy Eugene hope others will follow their lead and open free clinics all over the country. 

Learn more about Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic: www.occupy-medical.org


The recipient of the 2013 Community Service Award was Lorna Mauney-Brodek of Herbalista Free Clinic. Learn more about the clinic: www.herbbus.org



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