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Social shout-out... I'm planning to attend the AHG symposium this October and hope to stay someplace cute but affordable and do some Oregonian adventuring (light hikes, scenic trips, good food, quaint downtowns) before/after the symposium like an airbnb. Recommendations and company are welcome! Feel free to reply here or email me at or call 603-340-5161. Planning is still a ways away/flexible, but I hope to figure out my lodging/trip dates the near future. (And if anyone wants me to come by to teach a class and do a Body into Balance book signing while I'm in town, give me a shout.) I am also open to sharing a room at/during the conference, but I am a light sleeper who needs sleep to function well, and since social/conference gatherings are both a lot of fun and incredibly draining, so I also like to have time to relax in the room during the day... so mellow (moderately boring?) non-snoring roommates appreciated. ;)

Quick update - I'm all set for lodging/room share, but I'm still open to suggestions and company for Portland-area adventures. My travel plans outside of the confernece are not firm yet, but I'll most likely be staying in Oregon for a few days post-symposium to relax, explore, and be social.

Hello! Im looking for someone to share a room with, at the on-site lodging at the gardens. I'm a student member travelling from New Zealand and so will bring many interesting stories from a far away land! please email me if you are interested, and I will need to book soon as I hear the rooms are booking out quickly. My email is danielle.s.whelan@gmail.comthanks! 

Hello! I bit the bullet and booked a room on site with TWO beds because of the buzz about rooms filling up. I am hoping for 1-2 roomates to share the cost of the room on any or all of the following three nights: Thurs, Fri, Sat.   I care to sleep some, but do not have any responsibilities at the event this time so some socializing and sort of late nights (within reason) seem like a go.  I won't be bringing the party however so if you like sleep too I'm your girl. Also if you want to share but want to share only two ways, you and me, no third roomate, that's a deal too. The room has a 'garden patio' and also a fridge and microwave, coffee maker, etc which can be helpful if you like to bring some of your own food. It also happens to be a pet approved room and I will not be bringing a pet but if you do you will only have to pay the $25 deposit to the resort on arrival. Please email me with any questions or ideas.  Thanks & looking forward to it!Heather Irvine 

Hi Heather,did you already find someone to share the room with, otherwise, I would be interessted. I originally wanted to arrive on Wednesday and leave on Sunday in the afternoon. You can reach me via my e-mail adress: info@susanne-neff.deRegards Susanne 

Hi Susanne - I would be happy to share with you!  I sent you an email just earlier.  Others, we have not spoken or sealed the deal yet, so feel free to get in touch if you might be interested in sharing and I will let you know current status.   -Heather 

Hi Heather and Susanne, have you found a third roommate?I like to sleep on my yoga mat, even out on the patio if it's nice out
Thanks, hope this finds you well!

Hi!  I'd like to share the cost of a room with two beds, preferably on site, Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun nites.If you already have a room booked, or want to soon, please email me.  Thank you!

I am hoping one of you lovelies who already have a roomed booked on site is looking for a roommate to share the costs and room with. Prefer to have my own bed. I have some disabilities and won't have a car so it's imperative that I stay onsite and when I called to book last week they said they were all booked up! Please help me out. I come with mad herbal goodies, crystals, and good conversation. Please email me at, thank you and have a beautiful day! :) <3

Does anyone have extra space in their room? I'm easygoing I would like to share from the 5-9th if possible. Thanks!

Looking to share a room at any of the locations with 1 or 2 people. I have not booked anything yet. Will have a rental car that I can use for transport. Please email me at if you need a room mate!

Hello - I have a room reserved at the Oregon Garden Resort. My roommate has just opted out of the conference and cancelled due to a family emergency. Thus I have an extra bed in a reserved a room for 3 nights from Oct 5 until the 8. The details: 2 queen beds - non smoking room with gas fireplace AND breakfast included, plus complimentary tickets to the garden. The full cost is $ 119 per night  plus taxes -  so 131.85 per night - shared between 2 people = $ 66 per night!I am fun - quiet, neat and dont snore!!Please contact me if you need a room and would like to be onsite at the conference. my email is:    ~  Kat

Hi Kat, are you still looking for a replacement roommate? I've been looking at rooms offsite but would much prefer to stay onsite at the resort. I think we could help each other out! :)


Silverton Grange is located about 5 minutes away from the Oregon Gardens by car and not much longer by bike. We're located on the outskirts of town in a quiet place located under tall firs. You'll be able to use our hall for lounging and kitchen for your breakfast or whatever. We have two bathrooms but no shower. Could do a solar set up outdoors. All proceeds will benefit our repair fund.I'll be attending the conference and can't wait.You should also know there is a public bus called CARTS that can be caught from several places in Salem that goes directly to Silverton. live in Silverton so let me know if I can help!Warmly,Randi Embreeelderspiritherbals@gmail.com971-267-9364 text  

Hi All!

I am planning to rent a minivan and can provide rides to 4-6 people from/to the airport and conference venue (or nearby). Airport pickup will be around 5:45pm on 10/5 and dropoff will be around 9:45am on 10/9. There's some room for flexibility if you need. If you can throw me some $ to cover the cost of rental/gas that would be awesome!

Text me at 267-444-3775 and I'll start a group text for anyone who needs rides.

Look forward to crossing paths.


If anyone is still looking to share a room for the event I'm available! I don't have any reservations yet, so I can share with someone who already has a room at the Resort or I'd be glad to share the cost of a room elsewhere. I will have my car with me and we can ride together to the event daily! You can email me at Thanks!

Hi there, I have a double queen room on site and am willing to share with someone! It's around 60 per night. I am doing both pre and post symposium intensives, so I have the room from Wednesday night through Sunday night.Let me know!

Hi Emily! I'd be glad to share the room with you. I was only planning to be there the 5th through the 8th (not able to attend the intensives...) but if you're ok with that, I'm your girl! You can email me at I hope to hear from you soon!

Hello I have a king room that is available that we are not using. Price $119 + tax per night. I also have a room share (room already booked) with an AHG council member if anyone would like to share a room. Price $60 + tax/ it is a two queen double.

you can write to me at or just respond here


Hello! I will take the King room if it hasn't been snatched up yet. I also sent you an email to My email is Thank you!

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