AHG Council of Students

What is the American Herbalists Guild Council of Students?

The CoS is a board comprised of Student Representatives from botanical medicine and four year on-site naturopathic programs. Each school that is a member of the AHG is entitled to a seat on the Council. Additionally, seats are reserved for an Independent Study representative for herbal students not affiliated with a school, and Mentorship Students, those engaged in private apprenticeship or the AHG mentorship program, but not also enrolled in a school.

The CoS meets by phone/skype conference call and/or at the AHG national symposium as well as through constant email discussions. An AHG Council member or administrator is available at the meetings to serve as a liaison between the CoS and the AHG administration and the board of directors. The CoS has the option of a column in the AHG News and Views, a semi-annual newsletter distributed to all members.

What is the purpose of the Council of Students?

The overall goals of the CoS are to bring the needs and concerns of herbal students to the forefront of the AHG, to develop programs that facilitate the growth of students into herbal practitioners and AHG Registered Herbalists, and to increase the visibility of AHG in schools, increasing the number of student herbalists -— and eventually, herbal practitioners -- within the AHG. Additionally, they are working on increasing the visibility and access to schools affiliated with the AHG to prospective students as well as compiling current job opportunities for herbal practitioners. With ongoing input and guidance from students, we can work to increase botanical medicine educational opportunities and their quality, and ultimately, strengthen the viability of the herbal professional.

The CoS strives to be an active body with an active board, keeping AHG apprised of the needs of students both in the organization and generally, representing the interests and concerns of schools to the AHG and the goals and interests of the AHG to schools.

Who is eligible for Council of Students membership?

Any student enrolled in a school that is a member in good standing of the AHG is eligible to serve as a Student Representative from that school to the AHG. Any school may become a member of the AHG. To qualify as a school, the program must have an enrollment of a minimum of 10 active students per year. School membership in the AHG is $150 per year. This entitles the school to all rights and privileges of a Sponsoring Membership, including a subscription to JAHG for the school library. A School Membership also qualifies the school for a free listing in our web-based Directory of Herbal Education. In addition, this fee covers the cost of the Student Representative’s membership as a full voting student member of the AHG with all of the rights, privileges, and services thereof.


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